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Amazon Cloud computing and the career of a AWS developer

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With AWS, one can architect simple to complex applications at the enterprise level and then even layer them on cost-effective Amazon services and its platform. AWS is platform-as-a-service format since one has to ‘pay as you go: with a licensing fee every month based on usage. The best part about AWS is that there is no upfront expenditure. Additionally, there are no maintenance costs since Amazon has taken up the maintenance and servicing of the overall system.
The virtual infrastructure is what drives the web world since it takes minutes to piece together an infrastructure virtually which might take months together in the real world. Virtualization saves on money and since it is elastic one can even scale the resources up and down as per the growing or lessening demand. The elastic computing is to use all over the world.

Amazon Cloud computing and the career of a AWS developer

Amazon Cloud computing and the career of a AWS developer

Additionally, AWS and cloud computing gives users freedom from huge investments, which are usually done upfront. There are no charges related to maintenance which opens new avenues of invention and innovation. The focus would rather rest on business ideas rather than worrying about the number of that are being used or even if a particular infrastructure would suffice the requirements of a project. The focus would only rest on the deliverables since the resources are scalable. Most businesses spend more than 70 percent of their time to build infrastructure and then spend on its maintenance. Only 30 percent of their time is on doing what is important: the core tasks. Amazon is the one who worries about how the infrastructure has to be maintained and to make them available.
There is a need for engineers related to Amazon EC2 and they need to be good enough to build massively scalable network-oriented software for the service. Careers at Amazon EC2 involve working with engineers who are adept in it while always helping out in enhancing the systems’ availability and scalability. Demand is high for developers who are experts and experienced enough working with C , and other OOP languages. Unique pricing models are needed so that there is demand in the market related to the products in the cloud computing arena. Empowering developers from different areas is one of the main tasks of AWS developers and engineers. They are also required to migrate their applications to the new pricing models.
Scalability is one of the most important factors in the cloud computing market and the engineers are required with huge practical experience for the creation of immensely large distributed systems. Web-based applications development experience will come in handy here.
Database Administrators are the ones who are usually assigned the tasks related to the design, implementation, scaling of databases. The concepts should be clear enough to them and they should be able to work independently too. A calm and composed demeanor would go a long way for their careers.
Product Managers are required to be conversant with every step of the product life cycle and good enough with market evaluation and creation of pricing structures. They manage marketing collateral directly and are responsible for publicity ventures during product launches.

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Jan 102012


Amazon Cloud Player Streaming Music To The Web And Beyond

Author: Andy Taylor

Amazon announces the release of the long anticipated Cloud Application and Player, and it is free.

While all of us have been excited about the near arrival of the upcoming Google Music developments Amazon has not been sitting around doing nothing. Released today, Amazon Cloud Player allows users to stream a library of upto 5GB (upgradeable to 20GB) of music to the web and Android devices, and best of all, for free.

I have now got the new Amazon MP3 uploader working on my home machine, uploading 300 of my favorite songs, the uploads are fast and so far no problems or lost music. The Adobe Air application searches iTunes and Windows Media Player for your stored playlists and allows you browse folders to find music that you would like to upload.

What is really relevant here though, are the music files in the feature, Amazon Cloud Player can handle MP3 and AAC bought directly from the Amazon store, from iTunes, or from your own computer.The technology is powered by Amazon Cloud Drive, an online storage locker for files of all types not just music. I have only uploaded 10 albums, but so far I have experienced few problems and have found it easy to use and navigate.

The Amazon Cloud Drive provides users with 5GB of storage for free but here is a tip, buy your first Amazon MP3 Album and that will increase to 20GB. If you want even more storage capacity, well then, they have got a full range of packages for purchase, but right now it looks like the best start is to just purchase an album and get your 20GB up and running.

The application is thankfully simple, thank you Amazon, bug free and overall smooth you operate. The application has been included in the Amazon MP3 app, start up and you are given a simple choice- Store or Player. The player allows you play the music on your Cloud Drive, your media device, the store also allows purchasing of songs directly into your Cloud Drive. The process is very smooth and the music streaming sounds top quality. Another great feature is that Amazon streams the music at the original bit rate, which provides better playback quality than some other services that I have used before.

The Cloud player gives you wonderful play controls that go with you to any location within the application, this allows for seamless playback as you navigate through out the system. The only downside i found was the graphical interface which did not seem top notch but I am very impressed with the launch.

Now we wait to see what Google pulls out of its bag. We wait and see.

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Nov 302011

8 Leaders In Cloud Computing

Author: Robert Win

Cloud computing today is popularly accepted worldwide. Tech venture capitalists are building cloud computing businesses one after another. Tech companies that could possibly lead the market in 2011 are shown below.

Google greatly improved the way we search and analyze information. The search leader once again changed how we use our office software with their Google Apps that provide cloud-based email, calendar and documents for small and medium sized firms to large enterprises. Are you looking for a web-based music storage service that allows immediate access and streaming to your home desktops and mobile devices? Then you should check the freshly announced Google Music Beta. As cloud storage internet businesses become popularly accepted, a new rumor appeared all over blogosphere is that Google may rejuvenate their G-Drive project.

Amazon is the earth’s most well known online retailer. We thought it can also be the most impressive cloud computing providers on Earth. Cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud data bank, content delivery, payment, monitoring are some examples of their services. Should you wants a decent cloud service provider with competitive price, you can’t afford not to have a look at Amazon.com’s AWS.

The enthusiastically awaited iCloud is Apple’s answer to cloud computing. By using iCloud, users can sync a variety of contents for example pictures, songs, movies, documents etc. to cloud, and open or play it from any Mac, PC, iPhone & iPad. I will not be surprised if iCloud becomes very popular service. Apple without a doubt has millions of fans for iServices and iDevices.

Can cloud computing make Microsoft obsolete? Absolutely not. The tech -giant has already claimed its prime status in the industry with Windows Azure. Microsoft’s Windows Azure is now very popular among their loyal customers.

Salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM) is one of the leading cloud computing companies, and it offers organization products on a subscription basis.

Dropbox is probably one of the most successful cloud storage providers. One can find a number of user clients such as PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android etc to easily access Dropbox. By using Dropbox, users can quickly save and distribute files to others through the net. A big plus is from the mobile clients, users can enjoy their audio files and watch movie clips saved in their account. Free accounts can enjoy 2GB of storage. These people can get up to 8 Gigabytes of free online storage by recommending other people to join Dropbox. If you purchase $9.99 per month subscription, you could get 50 Gigabytes of storage space.Dropbox also offers 100 Gigabytes subscription and large storage subscription.

Another well acknowledged enterprise that provides web storage for documents, pictures and other media is SugarSync. Instant retrieval and synchronization via Windows PC, Mac and mobile tablets are easy and conveniently. Free users are provided with full 5 GB of web storage space.

Box.net is known as a cloud storage box and content management business. While the competitor Dropbox gives you only 2 GB, Box.net now provides 5 Gigabytes to free user. However Dropbox’s users can get as much as 8 GB absolutely free should they recommend others to sign up Dropbox. Box.net charges $15/month to get 500 Gigabytes online storage space when Dropbox will cost you $9.99 to get 50 GB. That’s a huge difference. On the other hand, you can access Dropbox via different clients – Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone etc.

Robert Steel is addicted to technological innovations, and he usually spends most of his time on the internet. You can take a look at his latest article What is cloud computing? and his list of cloud computing companies at YesCloudComputing.com

Nov 122011

Amazon Cloud Drive Review

By Travis Van Slooten

The world apparently needs another online backup storage solution and Amazon is the latest one to throw its hat into the fray. Named as the Amazon Cloud Drive, this no-frills online backup and storage service offers a simple way to store your important files and get access to them when needed.

But other than having the inimitable Amazon brand behind it, what else does Cloud Drive really bring to the table? For one, it’s being marketed as a music locker more than anything else. With the convenience of being able to download purchased mp3 albums and tracks to almost any device these days, not many people can boast of having their music files organized in just one location.

With the Cloud Drive, users can easily upload their files to the cloud and stream the music online whenever they feel like it. The process is simplified further and made more convenient with the introduction of the Amazon Cloud Player, a music player app that does the streaming of MP3 or video files from the Cloud Drive straight to your web-enabled computer or Android device.

The first 5GB of storage is free and the paid plans – 20GB, 50GB, 100GB, 200GB, 500GB, 1000GB – cost about $1 per GB per year. If you purchase an MP3 album from Amazon, you get an upgrade to 20GB free for the first year. To make the deal even more enticing, any albums bought from Amazon (after you subscribe to Cloud Drive) will be stored in your account but will not be counted towards your paid storage quota.

But while the Amazon Cloud Drive may sound like the best thing that’s ever happened to music storage, not all users – yes, even music fans – are that enthusiastic about it. First is the issue of bandwidth. To be able to play music continuously, you would have to be always connected and have a decent web connection at that. Not all enjoy that luxury. It would probably be a more practical idea to download some files while you have internet access and then play the music offline.

Second is the cost. With Amazon’s current storage prices, there are many more online backup services that are cheaper. Plus, in its Terms of Use, Amazon states that they do not guarantee security or privacy while data is stored in their servers. This is contrary to what other backup service providers offer who swear by their security features.

At the end of the day, users will go for the backup solution that offers the features they can make most use of, and the service that will give them the best bang for their buck. Amazon Cloud Drive is indeed a novel service that attempts to target a specific group of backup users – the music lovers. The question now is whether these individuals will be able to justify the cost of subscribing for a separate music storage that lacks standard backup features, just to be able to organize their music collection efficiently.

If you’re not convinced that this solution is the right one for you, then be sure to read the detailed Amazon Cloud Drive review here. You can also find online backup reviews of other popular services to help you choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Travis_Van_Slooten