IBM and SAP Accelerate Enterprise Cloud

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Oct 202014

IBM and SAP Partner to Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption


SAP SE and IBM today announced that SAP has selected IBM as a premier strategic provider of cloud infrastructure services for its business-critical applications — accelerating customers’ ability to run core business in the cloud. The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service is now available through IBM’s highly scalable, open and secure cloud. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud will expand to major markets with the addition of the IBM cloud data centers. This is expected to enable customers to deploy their SAP software around the globe in a faster and more secure environment that is backed by IBM’s proven cloud capabilities.

IBM and SAP Accelerate Enterprise Cloud

IBM and SAP Accelerate Enterprise Cloud

“We look forward to extending one of the longest and most successful partnerships in the IT industry,” said Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP. “The demand for SAP HANA and SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA in the cloud is tremendous and this global agreement with IBM heralds a new era of cloud collaboration. We anticipate customers will benefit from this collaboration and expansion of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.”

“This announcement is a significant milestone in the deployment of enterprise cloud,” said IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty. “It builds on our two companies’ long history of bringing innovation to business, and extends IBM’s position as the premier global cloud platform. Our secure, open, hybrid enterprise cloud platform will enable SAP clients to support new ways to work in an era shaped by Big Data, mobile and social.”

Together, IBM and SAP have the expertise, solutions and cloud infrastructure to deliver SAP business solutions on the IBM Cloud. SAP brings the power of real time through in-memory computing capabilities of SAP HANA combined with the ability to run mission-critical business applications, like SAP Business Suite, in a cloud environment. IBM brings enterprise depth and the open architecture of IBM Cloud Managed Services and SoftLayer — enabling customers to securely manage SAP workloads from trial to production on a consistent infrastructure, with transparency and control over where data resides. In addition, customers will benefit from the technology and services from both companies that offer industry-specific best practices, enabling customers to transform their organizations. SAP and IBM customers of all sizes will benefit from this joint collaboration of two of the most trusted companies in the industry.

Key Benefits to Enterprises of All Sizes Are Expected to Include:

  • Customers can take advantage of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud with the global footprint of IBM Cloud. This enables customers to put data to work with SAP HANA and business applications in the IBM Cloud built for speed, transparency and control.
  • SAP HANA will run on IBM Cloud to provide an open-standards-based approach that will help create the foundation to more easily integrate existing technology investments with new workloads.
  • IBM and SAP are committed to security for enterprise customers in the cloud. The IBM Cloud provides visibility and control to enable enterprises to apply and extend their security best practices into a cloud environment.
  • Companies will now have additional reach and scale to more easily start locally and scale globally with cloud capabilities and also comply with data residency and other regulatory mandates.

For more information, visit the SAP News Center. Follow SAP on Twitter at @sapnews.

About IBM Cloud Computing
IBM is the global leader in cloud with an unmatched portfolio of open cloud solutions to enable clients for the hybrid cloud era with integration, control over data and expertise. Since the $2 billion acquisition of SoftLayer, IBM has continued to make significant investments in building out a comprehensive cloud portfolio including $1.2 billion to expand its global footprint to 40 data centers and $1 billion investment to establish Bluemix, a cloud platform-as-a-service on Cloud Foundry, to help millions of developers. IBM Cloud has helped more than 30,000 clients around the world. Today, IBM has 100+ cloud SaaS solutions, thousands of experts with deep industry knowledge helping clients transform and a growing global network of data centers. Since 2007, IBM has invested more than $7 billion in 17 acquisitions to accelerate its cloud initiatives. IBM holds 1,560 cloud patents focused on driving innovation. In fact, IBM for the 21st consecutive year topped the annual list of US patent leaders. IBM processes more the 5.5M client transactions daily through IBM’s public cloud. For more information about cloud offerings from IBM, visit Follow us on Twitter at @IBMcloud and on our blog at Join the conversation #ibmcloud.

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IT Authorities Ranked Among Top 100 Cloud Services Providers in the World

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Nov 212013

IT Authorities Ranked Among Top 100 Cloud Services Providers in the World

IT Authorities earned a spot among the top 100 cloud providers in the world for the second year in a row.

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL (1888PressRelease) November 13, 2013

IT Authorities ranks among the world’s Top 100 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), according to Nine Lives Media’s third-annual Talkin’ Cloud 100 report. The Top 100 CSPs generated more than $15.7 billion in combined cloud services revenues in 2012, up nearly 37 percent, according to the report, which is available now by visiting

Top 100 Cloud Services Providers in the World

Top 100 Cloud Services Providers in the World

  • In addition to honoring IT Authorities, this year’s Talkin’ Cloud 100 report profiles:- Cloud Services Providers: CSPs offer SaaS (software as a service), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and/or PaaS (platform as a service) to partners/customers.- Cloud Services Brokerages: CSBs, or cloud brokers, recommend and resell multiple cloud services to customers, and often integrate those services.-Cloud Services Aggregators: CSAs, or cloud aggregators, typically offer a portal that allows VARs and MSPs to source multiple third-party cloud services for customers.

    -MSPs (Managed Service Providers) with cloud services expertise: MSPs proactively monitor and manage customers’ on-premises and cloud-based systems.

    – VARs (value-added resellers) with cloud services expertise: VARs offer a range of IT consulting, deployment, integration and management services to customers.

    “Ranking in the Top Cloud Providers in the World is the equivalent of making it to the Olympics. It is a massive honor and testament of our support team’s ability to consistently provide world class service to our customers,” said Jason Caras, Co-CEO, IT Authorities. “Our customers enjoy the old school customer service as much as the advanced technology of our superior cloud platform.”

    The Talkin’ Cloud 100 report is based on data from Talkin’ Cloud’s online survey, conducted January through May 2013. The Talkin’ Cloud 100 report recognizes top cloud service providers based on such metrics as annual cloud services revenue growth (both in actual dollars and in percentage growth rates).

    “Nine Lives Media and Talkin’ Cloud congratulate IT Authorities,” said Amy Katz, president of Nine Lives Media, a division of Penton. “The Talkin’ Cloud 100 honor arrives amid a land grab in the cloud computing market. And the Talkin’ Cloud 100 companies are leading that land grab.”

    Talkin’ Cloud, produced by Nine Lives Media, is the go-to resource for CSPs, VARs and MSPs profiting from cloud computing. Talkin’ Cloud features a daily blog, research, Channel Expert Hour Webcasts and FastChat videos. It is the first online media destination for channel partners working in the cloud.

    About IT Authorities

    IT Authorities is a Cloud and IT Managed Services Provider headquartered in Tampa, Florida. We offer Cloud services and IT Management services to small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States and assist some of the largest companies in world to design, monitor and manage their network operations centers. We help companies keep their computer systems in the most optimum, reliable and secure state while supporting their internal IT staff and/or end users and providing expert IT guidance. Accolades include: – Ranked in the Top 100 Cloud providers in the World by TalkinCloud – Ranked in the Top 100 Managed Services Providers in the World – Ranked Inc. Magazine 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America – Ranked in the Tampa Bay’s Fastest Growing Companies – Voted the #1 Company to Work for in Florida by Florida Trend Magazine – Voted Best Places to Work by the Tampa Bay Business Journal

    About Nine Lives Media

    Nine Lives Media, a division of Penton (, defines emerging IT markets and disrupts established IT markets. The company’s IT channel-centric online communities include MSPmentor (, The VAR Guy ( and Talkin’ Cloud (


    IT Authorities:

    Jason Caras, Co-CEO

    813-246-5100 or jcaras ( @ ) itauthorities dot com

    Nine Lives Media:

    Joe Panettieri, Editorial Director

    212-204-4206 or joe.panettieri ( @ ) penton dot com

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Sep 282012

Creative And Competent Cloud Computing Broadband Providers

By Jacob Richard

Many modern business enterprises have decided to adopt the cloud computing broadband providers due to their high returns on investment. This has availed innovative opportunities to do business all over the world. There has been marked increase in customer satisfaction and increased vendor and supply chain interface. The dealers have also recorded spectacular earnings from subscription charges and through partnering with like-minded people.


Creative And Competent Cloud Computing Broadband Providers

Creative And Competent Cloud Computing Broadband Providers

Aspiring starters should consider the profitability of the business and the client base. Starting a business without a clear strategy is equivalent to planning for failure. A proper distribution channel coupled with sufficient capital almost guarantees success.

Identification of a market niche enables the dealers to compete with bigger corporations that have the ability and muscle to capture large shares in the market. Confidentiality helps to alleviate any unfair leakage of information through the staff or the web hosting companies. Companies should always keep secrets about their sources of information especially from their technicians.

The production of the cloud requires specialized and technical expertise. It is always necessary to identify the technology that will be used to support the infrastructure on the internet. Consulting a reliable service provider is the initial step towards making it in this industry. The lack of proper management skills leads to poor validation techniques and saturation of the products due to excess production. There must be a system to regulate both the input and output of the hardware.

Entrepreneurs may have their aspirations but by following these guidelines, they increase their chances of success. Most clients seek the fastest hardware in the market. They must understand that this technology takes time to develop and the proprietors must be compensated accordingly. It may cost a fortune to acquire the state of the art technology for private use. Most corporations require amplifying the services in order to customize them for their own use. This may happen occasionally as the situation dictates.

It is not wise to spend a fortune to amplify the product for a temporary use. It is better to rent the facilities to avoid unnecessary overhead costs. Knowledgeable people can opt to install the systems themselves in order to save money. Their success can form a basis for a lucrative endeavor in the future. The setup may require expensive equipment and specialized skills. The cloud provides an alternative to starters who do not have the capacity to acquire the necessary infrastructure to lay the required technological foundations.

Entrepreneurs also face another daunting task. There is a shortage of qualified and talented people to carry out the specialized tasks. It is always important to retain the available staff while searching for new talent. Interviews should be conducted in a free and fair manner so that the competent people secure such jobs.

New clients may need to upgrade their infrastructure in order to support the hybrid varieties. Failure to upgrade these systems prevents the functions from performing at the required levels. Budgeting requires the allocation of sufficient funds with the purpose of making huge savings in the long run.

Finding Cloud Computing Broadband providers are not hard when you know where to look for the reliable one. If you are looking for Cloud Broadband, review the information available here to find out more.

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Sep 082012

The Rise Of Cloud Computing Bandwidth Providers And The Virtual Internet

By Jacob Richard

Over the years, there have been many methods for accessing the internet ever since its initial inception. One particular area that has seen a sharp increase during recent years have been the cloud computing bandwidth providers who have brought about the virtual internet. With a fast-paced modern environment, the methods for getting online need to progress as well so you can keep up-to-date with your internet access.

The original methods for connecting to the internet consisted of dial-up initially, followed by the faster alternative of broadband, as well as connecting to the private wireless networks of others. These have progressed over the years though as times change and the technology improves to include faster and more convenient access methods. The next question is what do you do when you are away from home, this is something that is gradually being catered to more and more.

This form of virtual internet provision has seen a steady increase over the years as companies seek to offer you with the chance to access the internet more freely. Wherever there is signal you should be able to access through your own personal details as you seek to get online. The reasoning behind this is that it is far more convenient for you to use at any given time that you require internet access.

What the companies managed to do here was to find a niche within the online marketplace so they can offer you faster and more convenient internet access. Much of the space was previously left unclaimed so they came to create a more profitable and efficient system which you can work from. They can also provide you with a greater level of security now as well when gaining access.

The benefits of internet access like this is the ability to be able to manage it from a variety of different public places. For example, you could be in a restaurant or in the pub and you want to get online quickly. It could even be that you want to send an important business email before flying in which case you can do it from the airport prior to your flight.

Working on a virtual network and interface offers you the potential to work closer with company staff that you may need to keep in contact with. It also allows you to have the chance to create an artistic project of a more collaborative nature. The ability to share files relating to everything involved is now far easier with the use of a virtual internet.

While you are online, you will want to make sure that your security is up to a satisfactory standard to ensure that you are using it safely. Keeping your log-in details is an important factor for example, as you need to be able to enter all of your details easily. As you go onto the social-media space you also need to ensure your security.

Finding Cloud Computing Bandwidth providers are not hard when you know where to look for the reliable one. If you are looking for Cloud Bandwidth, review the information available here to find out more.

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Sep 082012

Getting Cloud Computing Ethernet Providers To Give You Faster Bandwidth Connection

By Jacob Richard

Internet connectivity with a super speed has become a necessity for government and multinational companies. In a business environment that is increasingly competitive, there is need for data to be relayed across the world without undue delays. Entrepreneurs who operate across borders are interested in a line of communication that does not experience hitches so as to remain ahead of the competition. For organizations that would like to get past normal IP routers that often slow down the pace at which data is sent, identifying cloud computing Ethernet providers is very important.

By partnering with cloud computing Ethernet providers, you get your own direct line between servers and the data centers that located all over the globe. The result of the highly technological facilitation is a better experience when you wish to upload or download large amounts of information. In ordinary internet communication procedures, the transmission of big files is quite frustrating.

There is now an exciting way for people to avoid having to deal with routers when they want to load data on the World Wide Web. Those who are familiar with the manner in which the internet works have realized that the main reason for slow connections is the numerous switches that have to be made from one server to another. This is also referred to as rerouting. The process may take a couple of minutes in some world regions.

To get past the hindrance that routers will impact on your communication channels, cloud computing Ethernet providers have the ability to upgrade an existing network and make it independent. The installed structures will give you the freedom from the services of satellite search engines companies. The hardware used to run the new system will be wireless hence it is not reliant on a physical outpost.

The issue of your network performance is something you can discus with cloud computing Ethernet providers before the infrastructure suitable to your institution is set up. The consulting firm must be in a position to guarantee awesome video conferencing, unlimited data storage and a super integration with the office telephone lines. Among other things, the new technology is ensured to give a faultless run of internet wavelengths.

Already, the installations set up by cloud computing services are doing wonders in metropolitan areas. Due to the high number of people who reside in major cities, any attempt by residents to log into websites is ineffective. The shared facilities can make the capacity to give the millions of citizens proper services difficult.

Governments have turned to cloud computing providers as a means to optimize the services sought by tax payers. The work of civil servants is spread across the state and there is a large number of people seeking the attention of public officers on any given hour. Were the state machinery to continue depending on a rerouting firm, it would invite the uproar of the ordinary masses at a time almost everybody is conversant with modern technology.

Finding Cloud Computing Ethernet providers are not hard when you know where to look for the reliable one. If you are looking for Ethernet as a Service, review the information available here to find out more.

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Sep 082012

Cloud Computing Internet Providers Reviews

By Jacob Richard

Many agencies have realized the potential of Cloud Computing Internet providers as they make flexible Information Communication Technology resources readily available to them for use. This involves the delivery of storage capacity and storage as a service to a larger society of end-recipients. The service providers exempt organizations from having to cater for the expenses of laying down infrastructures typically related to ICT resources.

What makes this interesting and ideal for any company is that all their files have third party storage. Using software as a service, as user will only rent a database and application package of their choice. The work of managing the infrastructure and the platforms wholly belongs to the Cloud Computing Internet providers.

With quality management and little maintenance requirements, this system enable Information and Communication Technology to change rapidly, thus adjusting resources in a manner that meets the unknown and fluctuating business demands. The provider allows easy sharing of resources in order to achieve equal economies of scale. The amount of space provided for the service is limitless but can be quite expensive.

This service helps a great deal in organizations, universities and other dynamic entities. Since there are immense services available on demand, it offers one a chance to ensure that the cost of running their activities is as low as possible and still, the services offered remain on demand. The cost of administration and time to access data significantly reduces as one can easily retrieve data without the need of the assistance of another individual or group of persons.

However, one must first ensure they have a network access from any place, no matter where they are. This means that as a user, you must have internet access to be able to access your Cloud Computing network without which it is practically impossible.

Cloud providers also ensure that there is effective resource pulling, which assist in keeping the cost to run the systems low while at the same time, providing the required resources to the users. This act enables different users to tap resources in a disk space at a particular time. In case there is an inactive use on the disk space, the professional can free up the resources from the inactive user and allow the active user to make use of them.

This mechanism is beneficial to any business, whether it is a small business, an upcoming business or an enterprise that has been in the market for a long time. It assists these businesses to store data and host their personal software instead of using their own servers, which are expensive to buy and maintain. With this, it is easy to allocate more resources to hinder downtime.

Finding Cloud Computing Internet providers are not hard when you know where to look for the reliable one. If you are looking for Cloud Bandwidth, review the information available here to find out more.

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Aug 152012

Windows Azure : A Dynamic Cloud Computing Platform

By James M Peterson

Windows Azure provides the necessary infrastructure for companies heading for the cloud. Cloud computing has gradually been making a name for itself in the business arena, providing companies with a cost-efficient solution to doing business in an Internet-dependent market.

Azure is a versatile cloud computing platform, that enables you to optimize operations and address simple and complex business challenges. It provides you with IT services on demand by allowing you to host data storage and applications on the Internet, enabling you to easily access what you need when you need it at a reasonable price.

Windows Azure: A Dynamic Cloud Computing Platform

Windows Azure: A Dynamic Cloud Computing Platform

Because this platform eliminates the need to purchase the usual amount of hardware, you are able to maximize your current IT infrastructure. This also allows you to save significantly on costs for hardware, training and maintenance. And with Azure, you only pay for the services you need, allowing you to maximize IT efficiency.

Having vital services hosted on the cloud allows you to scale your resources according to your company’s needs. Such scalability also means that sudden changes in your business, such as seasonal spikes and a sudden increase in your workload, can be readily accommodated.

With Windows Azure, you can improve productivity, as it guarantees 99.95 percent uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) and possesses a built-in disaster recovery capability. In addition, you can deploy an application in less than a day, as opposed to the traditional weeks or even months.

These are only some of the advantages that come with implementing the Azure platform. A business technology services provider can help you fully realize the rewarding opportunity it offers.

Resource Box:

RDA Corporation delivers comprehensive business solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies such as Windows Azure. Its business technology services have been trusted by companies across diverse industries since 1988. Log on to or call 1-888-441-1278 for more details.

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Jun 272012

Why Growing Companies Need Managed Services and Cloud Computing

By Chris Slocumb

There aren’t many organizations, regardless of their size or the industry they’re in, that can’t benefit from using smarter outsourced IT in the form of managed services agreements and cloud computing. For growing businesses, however, they are especially important. Why? Because even more than cost savings and productivity gains, they give something even more valuable: flexibility.

Managed Services and Cloud Computing

Managed Services and Cloud Computing

Using cloud computing and outsourced IT partner, your company’s technology becomes scalable. That means that no matter how fast your sales grow – or even if you need to scale operations back for a while – you can do so without incurring big costs, while still being able to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Consider any of these four situations:

1. Your sales grow quickly and you need new IT investments. With traditional technology arrangements, too much business can actually turn into a big problem. Here’s why: Investing tens of thousands of dollars in new servers, software licenses, and communications upgrades is a bigger risk when you don’t know the long-term viability of the new accounts. With managed services and cloud computing, however, you have the flexibility to ramp up operations for as long as you need, without breaking the bank.

2. You need to save on IT expenses. Of course, things go the other way sometimes, too. It could be that a competitive landscape, lost customers, or investments in other parts of the company are forcing you to cut back on technology. With a scalable managed services and cloud computing platform, you can make this decision easily – and without the costs associated with letting full-time employees go.

3. Your company has a sudden need for new technology. It isn’t just that your business can get bigger or smaller with managed services and cloud computing, either. Sometimes, what’s needed is something completely different. Particularly with cloud computing, you can explore new applications, software ideas, and collaborative platforms for a low monthly fee, rather than having to invest big money in them while you’re unsure whether they’ll be a great fit or not.

4. You aren’t sure what the future will bring. This is probably the most common situation where managed services and cloud computing come into play, and the most important. Because few of us can accurately predict what the challenges will be in the next 12 to 24 months, having the option to switch up the size, configuration, or capabilities of your technology setup can be a huge advantage. Change is the only constant in today’s world, and you need to be prepared for whatever is around the corner.

To find out more about the many ways that managed services and cloud computing can bring flexibility and scalability to your organization, contact one of our account managers for a free consultation.

Chris Slocumb is the VP Marketing for Vision Computer Solutions – one of the leading Michigan IT service companies based in Northville. Founded in 1995, Vision Computer Solutions offers managed business IT consulting and information technology services in Michigan. Headquartered in Northville, Michigan, Vision Computer Solutions is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft Small Business Specialist. They can be reached at 248-349-6115.

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Jun 232012

Point to Notice When Choosing Your Cloud Computing Partner?

Author: Swet Nath

Cloud Computing is becoming progressively prevalent even in the olive-sized business world that is the small businesses. Underneath is a guide to choose the right vendor for this job.

The commitment of cloud computing is that it can be like a shaft of light for a business that wishes to amplify information technology capacity or capabilities speedily without being bogged down by the disbursal of buying new-fangled infrastructure, licensing software, and training staff. These days, businesses can find a heap of savings at the end of the rainbow by shelling out for these IT services – that comprises of infrastructure, software, security, and even collaboration platforms – that is on a subscription or a pay-per-usage basis. When it comes to picking a cloud computing vendor, although, there are multiplicity of options. And determining the apposite one can be as tricky as forecasting the weather.

Point to Notice When Choosing Your Cloud Computing Partner?

Point to Notice When Choosing Your Cloud Computing Partner?

This implies small and mid-sized organizations need to do some homework before getting into a cloud computing agreement with a vendor. There are various primal factors you need to reckon before you start looking. There’s a comprehensive landscape of services out there, and you want to essentially stay true to how you run IT today in terms of availability, safety, performance, and overall business suitableness.

The first question you require to respond is whether a cloud computing solution is right for your business or not. For various small and mid-sized businesses, or even start-ups, managing computer systems and networks can put off from running other, more central aspects of running a business. Between the computers that clang, software that has to be upgraded, and morphing security risks from Internet connectivity, it’s a full-time job. If you don’t have an IT department or you don’t have the resources to germinate that department, it will definitely make more sense to outsource some of your IT needs. That’s one ground why the idea of cloud computing is so catchy to a large number of companies.

There are other business concerns that advantage with cloud computing, as well. Cloud computing providers can often proffer businesses with reduced prices for entree to more urbane technology because you share those IT resources with other companies, thereby reducing the overhead costs to the vendor of licensing software or buying servers. In addition, the pay-as-you-go quality of some cloud computing contracts permit businesses to pay for only what they utilized, for example, if only six staff members need accession to the financial software, they can pay for only those six people instead of purchasing a license for 80 users. Many contracts can also permit businesses to roll up rapidly to help alleviate speedy growth.

In order to accomplish these merits, business leaders require to realize what types of cloud proffering would be germane, what the company’s requirements are, and which vendors tender the best fit.

Some of the chief questions to inquire when looking for a vendor must comprise of the following:-

  • How does the cloud service provider determine performance?
  • What metrics do they employ?
  • How does their definition of performance associate to end user contentment?

The perfect vendor will proffer the best cloud computing solution by utilizing a germane cloud computing technology. Cloud computing SaaS is also tendered by cloud computing service providers. With cloud computing services in rage the business cloud computing has propelled immensely.

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Swet Nath is a Technology Expert at B24 e Solutions, leading SaaS Software Development Company India. B24 E has been providing the best Cloud Computing Services , iPhone App Development to different sectors and is well known for offering Custom Software Services.

May 232012

Cloud Computing Providers Ensuring a Threat Free IT Environment

Author: Martin Lobo

The developments in technology have paved way for the business houses to opt for the techno savvy environment. However, this demands enterprises to provide the end-users and customers with world-class computing services. In other words, the business houses need systems, which can be optimized to provide the clientele with an easily accessible customized service in line with the industry benchmarks and business goals.

The advent of technological innovations such as cloud computing has opened avenues for the computing world to meet the challenges of the business environment. Cloud computing providers can deliver data and applications stored on servers in remote locations via the Internet and are accessible to end-users through web browsers. With the data and applications made available from a shared pool of resources the cloud computing service provides the business houses with a flexible and scalable on-demand computing services. Such ventures not only save on the expenditure but also facilitates outsourcing of non-core activities.

Today cloud computing has become the new buzzword for the business world and is driven by the marketing strategies of the corporate world. However, for the layman this is just a large networked environment with capabilities to handle sophisticated and high-end applications, on the professional level the cloud computing providers have found a place among the service providers of virtualisations and utility computing. For the small and medium enterprises in India, the cloud computing have become a boon. The facilities provided by the dedicated servers in India, such as web browsers, mail servers and corporate intranets and dedicated hosting or shared hosting services through state-of-art infrastructure and fast connectivity with 24/7 support are all provided by the cloud computing providers.

Cloud computing uses multiple servers networked digitally in a single platform. Being a secured environment makes it feasible for the client and user organizations to access a wide range of software applications, thus reducing the cost of IT infrastructure while increasing computational resources. The global organizations are put at ease with the cloud computing services providers addressing their burning issues such as data security, privacy, regulatory compliances, and integration with existing systems.

However, the leading service providers offer their clientele three types of cloud computing services enabling cost-effectiveness for all industry types and sectors. The Simplicloud is a cloud platform based on the latest new generation virtualization, which gives the end user the ability to expand one’s business into new market segments without worrying on the up gradation of physical hardware. With the best of the line technology, the cloud computing providers offer their clientele a worry free IT environment ensuring nil exposure to threats.

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