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Microsoft Cloud Computing РCrucial Tool for Sustainable Business Growth  

by Brown Simpson

Cloud computing increases the IT department’s contribution to innovations and corporate strategies.Financial experts also believe that cloud computing outsourcing provides more benefits than traditional outsourcing.

Microsoft Cloud Computing - Crucial Tool for Sustainable Business Growth

Microsoft Cloud Computing – Crucial Tool for Sustainable Business Growth

Cloud computing is of two kinds : public clouds and private clouds.Public cloud hosting refers to offering services over the Internet, whereas private cloud hosting refers to the deployment of cloud services within the firewall. The management of the services offered through private cloud hosting is taken care of by the enterprise.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of private and public cloud solutions :

Comparing public and private cloud solutions:

  • Enterprises using public cloud solutions have to pay monthly for the services, while enterprises using private cloud solutions only have to pay according to the data usage and applicable bandwidth charges.
  • The sharing of data is based on the principle of storage demand scalability in a public cloud, while the data stored in a private cloud is accessible only to the users in the organization. Third party sharing of data in a private cloud is possible only if the business entity running the operation wants it.
  • There is a limit of accessibility for the private cloud solution as it functions within a firewall,while a public cloud solution can be accessed from any place that has an Internet connection.
  • Data security risk is more prevalent in private cloud architecture since the geographical location of the data can be easily identified or traced. Public cloud solution is less risky in comparison.
  • The initial costs of a private cloud solution are high and are reduced in the later stages of using it as a service.For public cloud solutions, the initial cost is low, but the expense increases over the time as the data increases.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of private and public cloud platforms other than the ones discussed above.Let’s take a look at one of the most popular Microsoft cloud computing platform,Windows Azure:

Microsoft cloud computing : An Introduction

Windows Azure is an open and flexible open platform developed by Microsoft. It has the capability of building, deploying and managing applications in a quick way across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages provided by Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform:

  • High uptime: Microsoft cloud computing presents around 99.5% monthly SLA. This allows businesses to build and deploy easily available applications on the cloud platform without worrying about the infrastructure.
  • Open platform: Though it belongs to Microsoft, Windows Azure is an open public platform that enables one to build applications using any tool, language or operating system.
  • Unlimited storage:Microsoft cloud computing allows you to scale applications to any size. The resources are always available, and you can enlarge or shrink the resource usage as per your application needs.You are only charged for the resources used by the application.
  • Unlimited Servers: Windows Azure is available in multiple Microsoft Data Centers located worldwide. This allows you to deploy applications in a data center located close to your customer.

Summary: Cloud computing is expected to become a crucial tool for business success in the near future. While large enterprises can afford private cloud solutions, SMEs have an economically viable option to operate their businesses from a public cloud platform. Microsoft Cloud computing platform Windows Azure is a powerful public cloud platform that offers a bevy of advantages to those who want to manage their businesses from a public cloud platform.

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Dec 152011


Cloud Computing Product Helping

Businesses To Collaborate Online


By Khalid Kamal

Office 365 is a very nice example of cloud computing that is developed by Microsoft. It has a familiarity with the MS office tools which we get via the cloud. We can use it from any part of the world means it is giving the feature of remote connectivity. Features like web conferencing, documents, and calendars can easily be accessed remotely. It offers compatibility according to your business requirements.

Office 365 contains Office Professional Plus, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Office Web Apps all running via the cloud in a single productivity suite. With Office Professional Plus a user can customize its inbox with the conversation view, schedule meetings, and work on MS outlook. The users can collaborate with a better control. They can create and share slide shows with the help of MS Power Point Broadcast Slide Show option. You can find many new graphics editing tools in Power Point that help in creating a presentation. Office 365 works with the Microsoft software like MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

It has a good security mechanism against virus and spam. In any emergency, disaster recovery can be done via its datacenters. The enterprise plan offers the users to connect to the SharePoint services with the https SSL encrypted connections. For sharing the documents over the web, it has a cryptographic process. With its Exchange Online option users can access to emails, calendar, contacts and can manage them by having access via mobile phones with different OS smart phones. It also offers a mailbox space up to 25 gigabyte and 25 megabytes for email messages sending.

If the users want to connect with others they can use the Lync Online feature and easily connect via instant messaging, online meetings, and video calls. Many times we need online meetings in our office workplaces then we can use this with video screen sharing. It has another good option that users can easily join Lync meetings from their smart phones. It uses the dial in audio conferencing services for this process.

We can use the Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote desktop applications over the web. The documents can be formatted and shared with other users also. It also offers online viewing & editing tools for the users who have not MS Office on their PCs and also to those who are using different platforms.

This is the short overview about the nice cloud service product by Microsoft that is also very useful for the organizations that are using the IT support services. It is an affordable product and saves a lot of time and financial resources. We will discuss with more information about Office 365 in our next article.

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Khalid Kamal, as an author shares information related to the IT support services offered by ProVal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ProVal with its Network Monitoring and NOC Support solutions helping its clients in saving their financial as well as infrastructural resources.

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