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Attain best data management services with Cloud Computing

Attain best data management services with Cloud Computing

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Due to the advent of technology and office structures getting far more complex and modern, there has always been an increasing demand for effectively managing the data that is generated by employees using different software's. There has been a boon in the number of data and document management companies providing extensive software and hardware solutions to the various demands generated by small, medium and large sized organizations.Document management is a set of computers and software applications which store, manage and track electronic documents that is generated within the database of a company. Document management process allows data to be stored, modified and managed according to the preference of the user but lacks the record retention ability for managing records. Some of the main aspects of this technology are audit trails, check in/ checkout controls, rollback, summarisation etc.

[caption id="attachment_1094" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Attain best data management services with Cloud Computing Attain best data management services with Cloud Computing[/caption]

Document management system enables the connectivity of all the servers within the organization wherein one server can be assigned as the master computer which enables the editing, processing and retrieving of the data from one central location. This is particularly useful in ensuring that the data is not manipulated by an external or unauthorized user. With the availability of companies and experts who can guide you and your company with their data management services, it eventually reduces the dependability of the organization on various expensive individual software applications that were earlier used for handling complex data of huge capacity. One of the most convenient devices that have been widely used by individuals and organizations for taking a back up of their precious and valuable data is the SSD or the Solid State Drive/ Disk. It uses integrated circuit assemblies that are compatible with input/ output hard disk drives. SSD is less susceptible to electronic shock, have lower access time and latency. These disks are not widely used as they are still 10 times more expensive when compared to HDDs.

Another technology that has recently replaced all the traditional applications is cloud computing Australia, which manages all your data applications in a simpler, effective and cost free manner. You do not have to pay unnecessary for maintaining hundreds of daunting software and hardware applications, instead you pay only for what you need and the upgrades are automatic with flexible scalability. Data that is once stored in the cloud can be accessed, modified and stored from anywhere and everywhere, all you need is a secure internet connection around you. There is almost unlimited data storage with feasible recovery options. Hence, cloud service providers are competent enough to carry out the recovery process effectively that makes the entire process simpler than traditional methods of data storage. The cost of configuring cloud computing services differs for every vendor and on the total capacity of the data to be configured.

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Future of Cloud Testing: Testing as a Service (TaaS)

Future of Cloud Testing: Testing as a Service (TaaS)

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The three major types of cloud computing are Software as a service (Saas), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS); and now Testing as a Service (TaaS) is a new evolved fourth category of cloud testing. TaaS, in simple terms, is delivering testing with tools and people included as part of the service. Companies label their testing services as TaaS; TaaS is elastic by its definition; it is targeted to accomodate changes that frequently occur during consumption of services. If a client needs  testing services for a particular period, they pay for only what they consume. The TaaS provider must have a flexible execution model to contain changes according to the client's needs as they themselves are driven by  ever-changing customer requirements.

[caption id="attachment_1083" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Future of Cloud Testing: Testing as a Service (TaaS) Future of Cloud Testing: Testing as a Service (TaaS)[/caption]

Cloud testing for purposes of a test services vendor  is a combination of  IaaS and TaaS. IaaS provides the testing environments in which TaaS can be practical. IaaS and TaaS are provided as cloud testing, but eventually, the cost depends on the overall utilization. The main goal is to provide each service according to the client's needs and flexibly scale up or down.

Cloud testing services  has no meaning without the following three facets:

  • The system or application which is under test is accessible online. In addition to this, it includes testing at different levels; for e.g., performance testing. Also, this might either be a SaaS (hosted) or non-SaaS (behind the firewall implementation) software

  • Testing environment or infrastructure/platforms are hosted across different deployment models of the cloud

  • Cloud environment should be tested and considered for their availability, security, performance in order to ensure efficient service delivery

Cloud testing is a step-by-step process. First step is to develop the user scenarios; once the user scenarios are ready, service providers will leverage the cloud servers to generate web traffic from around the world. When test is completed, the results and analytics are handed over to the client team for complete analysis of how their application will perform during peak times. However, cloud can be leveraged by the service provider not just for performance testing but for varied other tests including functional, security, localization etc.

Steps :
Develop user scenario -> Design Test Cases -> Select Cloud Service Provider -> Setup Infrastructure -> Leverage Cloud Servers -> Start Testing -> Monitor Testing Goals -> Deliver Results.

TaaS is already gaining popularity in providing testing services to the client.  It is an effective model not just due to the pay-per-use feature, but also due to the faster delivery that now becomes possible cutting down on infrastructure setup time, resolving queries/reproducing issues etc. all of which are now possible on machines accessible to both the client and the vendor.

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