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Cloud Computing Advisory Service Offered to SMEs

Cloud Computing Advisory Service Offered to SMEs

By Andy Tierney

IT company offer Cloud Computing Advisory service to SME's

Throughout this article we will give advice to SME's on advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Computing.

To find out why SME's should embrace this service to their business, take a look at the information provided below.

Does Cloud Computing apply to SME businesses?

Is there a need for SME's to embrace it?

There are certain answers out there, but it's up to each company to decide for themselves. Of course experts agree that Cloud Computing is the future, not only for SME's, but for other companies, too.

[caption id="attachment_615" align="aligncenter" width="264"]Cloud Computing Advisory Service Offered to SMEs Cloud Computing Advisory Service Offered to SMEs[/caption]

Most SME's still see this improved services as something new and strange, not as an opportunity to progress.

There are certain security issues that we cannot avoid when it comes to this service. Those issues are:

  1. Privacy Issues

  2. Legal Issues

  3. Availability Issues

  4. Loss of control over data Issues

IT engineers and experts are working hard to solve those problems and to improve the security. These were the main issue's why SME's and other companies avoided Cloud Computing.

How would I deploy it?

There are different ways to deploy this service into your business. It all depends on your business requirements. Four main cloud computing deployment models are:

  1. Private

  2. Public

  3. Community

  4. Hybrid

Private- is the infrastructure deployed for specific organization. Deployment of private cloud is mainly in-house operation. A third party can be included into the private cloud if they are on the premises.

Public- is a commercial basis operation available to the public. This infrastructure enables consumer to develop and deploy different services in the cloud. Public clouds are serviced and managed by a cloud service provider.

Community- is the shared cloud computing infrastructure among a number of organizations with similar interests. To keep the price of this cloud service low, users (companies involved) share that between themselves.

Hybrid- is the mix of private and public clouds. This cloud infrastructure has the ability to move data from one type of cloud to another, through different applications.

How much would it cost?

One of the first reasons why SME's should embrace this improved IT service would be price.

Usually the cost of cloud IT service is cheaper than traditional computing.

By introducing cloud IT service to your business venture, you can save money in your existing IT department.

Advisory service on Cloud Computing shouldn't cost a lot, and the best way for the customer is to contact providers customer service department for more information.

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