Thursday, October 4, 2012

Retail Cloud Computing Overview

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With the advent of technology the burden of work has reduced to a great extent. The development of machines reduced the amount of work load. One of the major advancement has been done in the field of information technology. The software enrichment has made the task quite easier and effective. Some exciting tools at the infrastructure level have brought efficiencies for IT, and some application level tools that make sharing and collaboration easier for knowledge workers.

IT is playing a predominant role in retail business. Software for retail applications handles most of the business processes such as operations, administration, and billing. Establishing an IT infrastructure costs small and medium enterprises, a considerable amount of money. Cloud computing can help them to leverage the affordability of Internet Cloud resources to implement the IT related process. Retail Cloud computing refers to managing the IT processes on the Cloud instead of in-house. Complex business processes such as ERP, CRM, POS, etc are implementable through Cloud.

A new startup from New Zealand aims to help, by providing a retail point-of-sale (POS) solution on cloud which brings benefits in an application designed for retailers. Retail POS is a complex area ripe for disintermediation; traditional systems require retail stores, who aren’t generally comfortable or up-to-date with infrastructure and software maintenance, to have their own on-premise servers and maintain software. Using the cloud computing theme of abstracting IT management away from the end user, POS on cloud is a new approach. It’s one of the first examples of a persistent cloud app that runs directly on the front lines of business with hardware that’s little more than a standard PC with keyboard and mouse.

Cloud has a new way of approaching how enterprise resource planning (or ERP systems) and business software solutions are designed, developed, and deployed. Retail ERP on cloud has changed the way so as to maximize productivity across the business. ERP inspires to deliver inspiration to customers. ERP on cloud is more than business software; it is the key to possibilities not yet imagined.

Now-a-days retail management solutions on cloud have gained a lot of popularity. A lot of people are now undertaking online transactions by means of number of varied devices like mobiles. PDAs have propelled retailers to make use of cloud retail software as a useful medium to get to its customers. The Point of Sale (popularly referred to as POS) is slowly and steadily shifting towards the retail management solution on cloud as it presents so many convenient attributes. Cloud computing was considered an esoteric term until few years back. It is now common to hear it in day-to-day conversation. Various companies owe these resources and applications. Retailers to get cost benefits and mobility are now using retail solution on cloud. Multiple services and applications with increased reliability have enhanced its popularity to such an extent that retailers are now looking forward to use Cloud Retail Software.

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