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Cloud Computing Bootcamps

Cloud Computing Bootcamps Are On The Rise

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Cloud computing bootcamp is the name given to a short term yet comprehensive cloud computing course those who wish to quickly learn the basics of cloud computing before moving onto enterprise level applications of the technology. Designed by pioneers in cloud computing, bootcamp equips IT users with all the necessary information required to get started.

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Cloud computing is now the most in-demand technology for enterprises that require multi-location, multi-resource teams to work in smooth synchronization in real time. By using internet based applications, enterprises are able to achieve this without having to invest heavily in physical hardware and applications.

However, just like traditional software and applications that called for extensive training of the workforce, cloud computing also requires a certain level of training before it can be utilized effectively across the various levels of an enterprise. While this training might not be as extensive or time-consuming as that for traditional software, cloud computing education is very much an important component of this technology.

In computer parlance, 'boot' means starting up. Similarly, cloud computing bootcamp introduces computer users to cloud computing and gets them started on using the various enterprise level applications available through the medium of the Internet. Before users can understand higher level applications of cloud computing, a cloud computing bootcamp is an ideal way of providing them with all the necessary basic information for using the application.

Designed to be a single day introductory cloud computing course, bootcamp takes users on a deep-dive of the Cloud or Internet and trains them to recognize, analyze, understand and resolve problems they might face with using this technology. Unlike a cloud computing class, bootcamp would not provide users with technical or how-to guidelines on cloud computing.

It is focused more on the practical aspects of using cloud computing and navigating through the various aspects of the applications. Bootcamp is targeted more at immediate or current use of cloud computing than at possible future applications or developments that might arise. In that sense, it allows users to draw maximum possible from the cloud and its applications.

Along with introduction to the cloud, such an intensive course would also train users on running cloud based services at more than 100effectiveness and thereby allow them to generate maximum ROI without compromising on scalability.

With this said, cloud computing bootcamp is not just restricted to present applications; it also introduces users to new and upcoming developments in the field and the players who are coming up with exciting new offerings. By doing so, the course trains users to be ready for quick new developments and keeping their horizons open for adapting to new technologies.

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