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Cloud Computing : What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

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For many enterprises, the private cloud is the first choice when it comes to cloud computing. Private cloud computing offers a hardware and network environment that is dedicated solely to the enterprise.  Whether delivered through a hosted private cloud or internal private cloud, there is an assurance that the hardware, data storage and network security are dedicated to a single organization and not shared with other users.  When it comes to highly sensitive corporate data, personal customer lists, PCI or HIPAA certified environments, the private cloud is preferred.


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At the same time, businesses are recognizing the benefit of the public cloud for some of their applications.  Many small and mid-size businesses need the quality of an enterprise private cloud in terms of high availability, redundancy and security with the affordability of a shared cloud.  Enterprises need the ability to move non-critical, non-sensitive computing and development work out of their private cloud into a shared cloud but need to achieve a similar level of availability and security.

There are a number of public cloud options available.  Some like Amazon's EC2 are basic cloud servers designed to provide computing services for non-critical applications like web or development servers.  Others are designed to deliver the high availability and security that enterprises require in their private clouds.  The later, we call a Virtual Private Cloud.
Wikipedia defines a Virtual Private Cloud as 'a private cloud existing in a shared or public cloud'.

To expand on that, we consider a Virtual Private Cloud as one or more cloud servers in a shared environment that deliver the same level of data protection and network security as a dedicated private cloud.  The virtual private cloud can sit on same VLAN with a dedicated private cloud and managed servers to provide a completely integrated system.

In addition, by connecting a virtual private cloud into a hosted private cloud on a dedicated VLAN behind a dedicated firewall, the virtual private cloud provides a tremendous level of flexibility and expandability beyond the private cloud's dedicated hardware, without compromising the data integrity or network security of the private cloud.

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