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The Future of Cloud Computing Has Arrived

The Future of Cloud Computing Has Arrived

Author: Melanie P

The cloud has been a popular option with companies especially those who handle document and information exchanges on a frequent basis. Cloud computing has been the target of many criticisms on grounds involving data security and the level of control that is still maintained by the client. It is understandable why there are so many industry experts who were, at first, hesitant towards the idea of cloud computing. It can be seen as a threat to existing outsourcing companies who offer information technology solutions because instead of going for the solutions being offered by traditional data centers, companies now have the option to tap cloud computing and increase their IT capabilities by seeking real-time service over the Internet.

[caption id="attachment_672" align="aligncenter" width="540"]The Future of Cloud Computing Has Arrived The Future of Cloud Computing Has Arrived[/caption]

Recently, we have noticed that it is not only businesses who avail of cloud computing solutions because even sporting events have also enjoyed it as well. There are different faces of cloud computing and probably the most popular among these would be Software as a Service (SaaS). However, Uefa Euro 2012 tournament, the most recent sporting event host whose attention has been caught by outsourcing companies, has opted to outsource their IT infrastructure to Interoute. This kind of cloud computing-slash-outsourcing solutions provider is described by ComputerWeekly as supplier-built private cloud. Interoute is a telecom provider who has agreed to build a private cloud for the said organization's critical system, and it has also agreed to host host the applications for Uefa Euro 2012 from two data centers, one in Amsterdam and the other one in Geneva.

There have been many instances in the industry wherein the initial comparison between cloud computing and outsourcing has taken a turn towards a more interesting approach - where one being complemented by the other and that both has found a way to make it more feasible and beneficial to the client. Client satisfaction is always considered as one of the top priorities of most outsourcing companies.

Still on cloud computing, aside from sporting events organizations, it looks like the healthcare industry has also considered and thought about cloud computing. There are a number of companies in the market today who have integrated cloud into healthcare practices, examples of such companies would be CareCloud and Athenahealth. The latter is considered the pioneer in this particular aspect of the industry. In the past, the main concern of healthcare customers was the disclosure of information to a third party, who are the cloud computing software vendors, and whether or not do these vendors comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). But with today's developments, companies such as CareCloud are already gaining support from investors. A testament to this would be CareCloud's raising of $20 million in its series A round. Also, as a positive sign for healthcare cloud vendors, Athenahealth was ranked as 4th among the 25 fastest growing tech companies.

It is possible that the future of both the outsourcing industry and cloud computing industry has already arrived. Imagine, just a couple of years ago, these two were being pitted against each other while industry experts share their opinions that one is already endangered while the other is thriving. But there were only a few who may have pointed out that the two could have a collaboration and help each other out.

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