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Common Errors to Be Avoided For Better Cloud Computing

Common Errors to Be Avoided For Better Cloud Computing


Incorporating cloud based services in IT scenario involves many tough decisions to be taken. However an incorrect decision can largely hamper the success of your business and thus make your future in cloud quite bleak. You must avoid those errors by any chance, in case you want to develop your company\'s cloud computing scenario.

[caption id="attachment_742" align="aligncenter" width="522"]Common Errors to Be Avoided For Better Cloud Computing Common Errors to Be Avoided For Better Cloud Computing[/caption]

Error 1: Inefficient cloud provider

Many enterprises face huge difficulty in finding out the right cloud based service provider. Whether you want a provider for hosting virtual machines in cloud environment or for any other reason, you must always look for the suitable provider only. In case you pass on the responsibility of all the cloud based services to an incompetent provider you will be in great trouble. So it is important that you should seek out all options and do research on all the existing cloud vendors. Is open source cloud application best for your company? Does your chosen provider offer the support that you want? While selecting a provider you must be free from all kind of headaches regarding your cloud project in the coming years.

Error 2: Wrong IT workloads

In addition to choosing an appropriate cloud provider, IT professionals of your company must determine appropriate IT workloads to move on to the cloud. At times it happens that the workload that they want to make cloud enabled is not ready to shift off-premises. It is seen that administrators out of sheer enthusiasm may make the error of shifting a workload to the cloud in order to perk up all the administrative issues, even at the cost of sacrificing user efficiency. Any sort of impact to the end user experience including low performance etc often is considered as business downturn. So the accurate IT workloads for cloud are those that are beneficial for administration and also for end user experience. They bring improved ROI as well.

Error 3: Not estimating the needs of your network properly

Removing restrictions on processor as well as memory resources is a huge proposition of shifting workloads into the cloud. Although cloud increases memory as well as process resources to a huge level it does it at the cost of networking. Transferring workloads off-premise create huge burden on the network that separates the workloads from your on-premise data center. So if you plan to move to cloud you have to be careful about the resource of your network. If it is insufficient the cloud based apps will largely face problem due to poor performance.

Error 4: Neglecting the client.

Wrongly focusing on the relationship between IT service and its client is a biggest error that a company often makes while building cloud presence. A smart organization often builds up their customer delivery mechanism on the basis of the requirements of the end user and those decisions become even more significant when the services shift to a cloud. However it is important that the delivery mechanism needs some rethinking for services that shift into a cloud. Applications of local data center might function perfectly with a local client installation but they often fail to work in cloud scenario.

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