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Purpose of cloud computing on web hosting

Purpose of cloud computing on web hosting

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Cloud Computing is the act of releasing computing and storage capacity to a group of beneficiaries. It was name cloud because of the cloud shape look it showed on charts and diagrams it represented as well as the multifaceted structure it brings. Computation through cloud computing relies on the authenticity and reliability of any data a user may encode.

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What are the different types of cloud computing?

  • Service Infrastructure: This type of cloud computing refers to the leasing of software database and software applications by its users leaving this type of cloud computing to provide for all the other installations needed in which the software will perform and run its data base.

  • Service Platform: This is the use of web browser, a mobile application or a simple desktop to enter a certain cloud application while keeping user's data in a distant server location. Those who support cloud computing have given their praises on its ability to deliver faster retrieval of applications that requires minimal maintenance but with excellent manageability.

Cloud computing and web hosting:

Cloud computing is basically a type of webhosting that can immensely increase the traffic on several of your sites gaining you concept of unlimited and uncontrollable flow.  Using cloud hosting will enable you to use and create several websites with endless number of email accounts and database. It may sound like a very interesting prospect especially if you're on the line of e commerce however there are things you need to consider before getting cloud.

Security must be your first concern when it comes to cloud web hosting. The administration of this type of hosting has full access to the entire database in there and there's no telling whether your files are safe or not. If you're working on confidential files in your company, you're bound to take a good look at their security proposals as this can cause the money you invested on your business.

Your data server must be very compliant and location should be near the geographical location of your potential customers. This will ensure that the speed and dependability of their website is fully served and maintained.

Cloud computing doesn't have backups. One thing a customer must take into consideration as this may be very detrimental in the existence of one's website. If your webhost doesn't have the capacity to create backups and depend only on the time table it gets fixed, millions of investment can go to waste in a period of 1 day that repairs get delayed.

Always ask questions about anything that you can't totally understand. Since cloud computing doesn't have any backups, you must inquire on what they propose to do in the event that you experience lose of data and other important files.

The good thing about cloud computing though is the user's ability to access systems using the internet alone. No need to download any software that will match the compatibility of these systems. In fact, you can absolutely access them even on smart phones.

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