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Is Cloud Computing Different From Virtualization Solutions?

Is Cloud Computing Different From Virtualization Solutions?

Author:Vipin Chauhan

Cloud computing and virtualization technologies impact almost everyone in the industry of today's IT business environment. Many of us have the confusion between cloud computing and virtualization solutions, the technologies which are used from decades in most of the organizations and some of us thinks by using virtualization solutions they automatically use cloud computing. But I think here we need to clarify one thing that both the technologies are very different from each other and offer different approaches to managing an organization's database infrastructure and also reduce the cost of computing resources.

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The confusion also arises here because both these technologies are developed to maximize the use of computing resources and increase the efficiency by reducing the cost of the ownership. Sometimes cloud computing and virtualization solutions, these two words are used interchangeably but they are truly very different approaches to solving the same problem of maximizing the available resources. Now let's discuss both the technologies separately to clarify the difference between them.

Cloud computing in simpler terms we can say that it is a third party service which was born from the concept of Utility Computing. It is the delivery of computing services rather than the product and lets an organization runs multiple applications without purchasing more hardware. Cloud computing is access through the internet to business applications running in a local environment, it shares the resources, software and information provided to the computer over a network i.e. the internet.

On the other hand, Virtualization solutions are those solutions which allow an organization to run multiple servers (virtual server) on the same hardware. It is a technique that allows enterprise to use a single piece of hardware to perform the work of various servers. In virtualization solution one server controls access to the physical server's computing resources. We can say that it is simply a presentation for the delivery of IT in a powerful way in an organization.The major difference between cloud computing and virtualization is not so difficult to understand as it is very clear that cloud computing can be better described as a service whereas virtualization is a part of physical infrastructure. It is a fact that both the technologies may look like same because cloud computing may appear that your application is running on virtual servers separate from any other host.

In order to select one from these technologies we first need to know what is the business problem of our customer and for what they want to use these technologies. Only then we can decide which is better or sufficient for the organization. In addition both the technologies save money and time up to some extent but each of them accomplish in different ways.At last we can say that both the technologies are very different from each other and offers various benefits in an organization.

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