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Potential benefits and limitations of cloud computing service

Potential benefits and limitations of cloud computing service

Author:Andy Robert

Cloud backups services are the reliable means to restore data on internet. For instance, if a photographer wants to store clicked pictures somewhere else to protect against computer crash, then he/she can create online backup for accomplishing this aim.

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What is cloud service? What are the potential benefits of this advanced technology?

Cloud computing service supports the users to create backup of integral data which is needed to be kept secure. Most of the individuals and organizations utilize these services to protect their essential information that is required for long sustainability of business. There are endless benefits of adopting this technology approach.

The cloud computing service given to various organizations are highly reliable and dependable. There is a heavy bunch of services offered under cloud deployment that includes disk based backup, encryption and application specific protection. It supports the protection of vital information kept at the server. The biggest advantage why many people prefer cloud computing is its affordability.

Many times backup servers charge monthly rates. In this way, services are easily afforded by the clients. When you are looking for reliable cloud services ensure you try to get best backup management and security. After all, this is the major reason for you to invest heavily in this service. Seeding is the initial backup solution given by the cloud service providers.

For instance, if a particular organization needs to store 100 gigabytes of data for proper database management for maintaining professional records, then it would possibly take months for seeding the important information through internet. Hence, it is essential for large business companies to take assistance of right backup service provider. Another biggest hit why individuals and companies choose to have these exceptional services is large restoration against computer crash. Many organizations restore important data in DVDs, hence it reduce long period of times needed for downloading the files.

Limitations of the clod computing solutions

With the bundle of benefits, there are certain limitations of this service.

Firstly, the need of high internet bandwidth turns to be the biggest pitfall. Secondly, data is managed by third party server that means it is managed by external source which can be risky if it goes out of business. This can become a major point of concern. Thirdly, the payment packages depend on different service providers depending upon their services. Some of them take monthly charges whereas others charge on the concept of pay-per-service. Fourthly, the service providers offer two different kinds of cloud services namely, professional and home cloud solutions.

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