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Top 5 Cloud Testing and Performance Monitoring Tools

Top 5 Cloud Testing and Performance Monitoring Tools

By Kevin Darwin

Cloud computing is still an evolving paradigm. Its definitions, use cases, underlying Technologies, issues, risks, and benefits will be refined in a spirited debate by the public and private sectors. These attributes,and characteristics will evolve and change over time.

Various cloud based technologies and tools are available in the market facilitating the different facets of IT development. The rapid pace of advancement has also made way for tools catering to varied aspects of testing involving both performance and load management. The benefits of integrating the cloud testing based tools are many like flexibility of use and cost reduction (usage charges, licensing infrastructure). It also helps you choose the right kind of tool required for the job and start working immediately.

[caption id="attachment_1158" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Top 5 Cloud Testing and Performance Monitoring Tools Top 5 Cloud Testing and Performance Monitoring Tools[/caption]

Here is a top 5 companies and the cloud based testing tools and solutions released by them, which help in cloud performance monitoring and testing:

1. SOASTA: The CloudTest from SOASTA leverages the cloud resources for facilitating performance monitoring and load testing. Additionally, it also replicates traffic that hits an application or a website from inside or outside the firewall.

2. Keynote: is the global leader in cloud testing & monitoring cloud application, cloud testing service provider, Test Perspective of Keynote provides comprehensive solutions geared towards the enhancement of online experience. It helps companies analyze the performance of their websites, applications, and content on a diverse set of browsers, mobile devices, and networks. The exclusive business model of Keynote allows you to improve productivity while, controlling costs with the reliable and striking performance of its on-demand measurement and test services and products.

3. BrowserMob: The monitoring service of this particular provider makes use of real web browsers to replicate the interaction of a user with your website. Irrespective of being equally priced to the monitoring service style of simplistic ping that only goes through individual URLs, this takes a step ahead in the service approach. The usage of real browsers enables you to have a check on the response of the individual objects alongside verifying the functionality of your website in its entirety. This particular approach also involves ensuring that third-party components like gadgets, content delivery networks, advertisement, and analytics does not affect your website negatively.

4. GFI: The MAX RemoteManagement of GFI enables easy monitoring of different aspects of your clients like remote offices, bandwidth usage, servers, ISP connection, raid arrays, and the website. In simple words, this particular service allows monitoring the principle parts of the infrastructure of your network and takes care of the clients proactively maintaining a minimum cost of the hardware avoiding costly downtime.

5. CloudHarmony: This particular testing solution is still in beta. However, you may make use of the continuously updated extensive list of benchmarks for viewing and comparing the performance metrics from different cloud services and providers.

The above-mentioned cloud monitoring solutions and cloud testing services allow a better analysis of the IT infrastructure maintaining a smooth and swift approach.

Kevin is the Senior Editor, whose expertise spans in Cloud, Mobile and Web privacy.

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