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The World of Software-as-a-Service Options is increasing steadily

The World of Software-as-a-Service Options is increasing steadily

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Cloud computing is method of computing which relies on shared resources which are all available on demand, just like it is available for people from the electricity grid. This delivery model for IT services is extremely popular and since recession looms large any time during these volatile economic conditions, SaaS is the way to go for many enterprises. The resources are dynamically scalable and virtual which are available online. The physical infrastructure is not available to the client since the resources are rented by a third-party provider. The services are available for consumption as and when needed.

[caption id="attachment_902" align="aligncenter" width="450"]The World of Software-as-a-Service Options is increasing steadily The World of Software-as-a-Service Options is increasing steadily[/caption]

PaaS refers to platform-as-a-service which refers to the storage and hosting which is delivered online as a chargeable service. Hence developers find development and deployment of apps easy since they do not have to worry about the cost and complexity of the procurement and management of hardware, middleware and software. Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, and the like are examples of PaaS

Cloud infrastructure services are sometimes referred to as IaaS where the entire infrastructure, is provided as a service without having to procure and configure servers or any other equipment. The entire service is referred to as utility computing and the entire consumption of services show the activity. IaaS refers to virtual servers which are entirely leased by providers like Amazon and Rackspace.

Here are some of the types of SaaS solutions:

Business Utility SaaS includes apps like Salesforce automation which are used by many companies for data collection and management. The applications also help in managing collaboration and actionable analysis. CRM and HR portals are examples of these business utilities.

Social Networking SaaS includes social networking apps like the immensely popular Facebook as means of sharing information, photos and the like.

Some Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions are created different from each other. One needs to study the PaaS solutions before choosing the platform which suits one\'s needs. The most famous platforms are Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. One can upload software stack traditionally and then run applications on the entire infrastructure. Some of the most popular web application platforms include Google Apps which offers multiple and useful functionalities for developers to build services based on mapping, calendar and even the dynamic spreadsheets.

Business Application Platforms including WOLF provides a big layer of abstraction and aligned towards transactional business applications like workflows and online databases. Analysts can develop complex business applications with a custom UI with lesser technical effort and low maintenance.

Now here are some of the general types of IaaS solutions. Cloud IaaS providers deliver various types of services including:

  • Storage Computing

  • Testing and Development of Apps

  • High Performance-based Computing

  • Resource Sharing and Virtualization

There are public clouds and there are community clouds. Public clouds are those clouds which deliver resources on a self-service basis online. These services are efficiently delivered by third-party providers who share their resources on a utility computing basis. A community cloud on the other hand by organizations who are interested in similar things and requirements and also willing to share their resources.

Then there are hybrid clouds which are extremely popular. The organizations always choose to leverage their existing investments in their own infrastructure. Furthermore, many companies prefer to have critical data under their own hood for enhanced security.

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