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Infographic Detailing Growth of Cloud Computing Release Infographic Detailing Growth of Cloud Computing

Scalability, competitiveness, and accessibility among noted reasons for Cloud use

Clearing Clouds

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Cloud computing is becoming a larger part of the social business structure every single day. The cloud set up as large ramifications in regards to how we interact and store information, but few understand its full applied usage and usefulness. That is why has provided an infographic explaining why a Cloud service is useful and what it can accomplish.

The term “Cloud” is used as an umbrella term that encompasses multiple Internet trends, as well as potential in computing capabilities, according to The reason many choose the Cloud is that it provides incentives, which allows for particular usage that are advantageous. For instance, Cloud services can provide outsourced servers, scale systems upon demand, accessibility to the data, and the use removes hefty IT expenditures.

[caption id="attachment_991" align="aligncenter" width="170"] Infographic Detailing Growth of Cloud Computing Infographic Detailing Growth of Cloud Computing[/caption]

Money can also be saved, according to the infographic. Operating costs through Cloud computing usage is estimated to drop by nearly 40%   overall. The usage allows business owners to remove expenditure for both direct usage/storage, as well as maintenance. There is simply less staff required to maintain the Cloud. Furthermore, AshGoal points out that use of the Cloud computing systems saves time, as anyone can access the cloud via internet connection with the proper security data.

Cloud growth is growing as well, with a 5:1 growth rather when compared to other forms of storage. The Cloud Server OS, Cloud UC, and Cloud Productivity all drive over 60% of the incremental SMB spending across the United Kingdom. More and more businesses are looking to utilize the Cloud computing systems, with 61% of organizations stating that they are either gathering or planning for stages involving approved cloud computing strategy.

According to the infographic, scalability seems to the be top reason for the use of Cloud computing services as well, with 57% of respondents to a survey citing it as the primary incentive to adopting the services. Mobility, competitive differentiation, and application interoperability were also noted as strong reasons.


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Getting Affordable Dimension Data Cloud Computing Services is Not That Easy!

Getting Affordable Dimension Data Cloud Computing Services is Not That Easy!

Author:robert desouza

Dimension data cloud computing services

Regardless of whatever is happening in this world, things keep on changing rapidly. However in recent years, technology and business have taken favourable twists towards each other. Undoubtedly, they have been progressing at incredible rate allowing most of the users to gain flexibility. With the emergence of online backup services and cloud hosting solutions, most of the business enterprises are able to enjoy highly advanced technological advents.

[caption id="attachment_985" align="aligncenter" width="530"] Getting Affordable Dimension Data Cloud Computing Services is Not That Easy! Getting Affordable Dimension Data Cloud Computing Services is Not That Easy![/caption]

Cloud technology has reduced burden of clients as well as vendor by offering professional dimension data cloud computing services giving maximum flexibility to prevent data and share it with the employees of the organization. Few years back, the cloud service provider use to install high-tech hardware devices allowing users to configure and install software applications needed to ful-fil all their requirements. Dimension data cloud computing has been one of the best hosting applications required to create online data backup for business organizations.

Why dimension data cloud computing?

Earlier, it was tough to maintain these devices as it required constant monitoring which becomes a burden. However, today the scenario has changed greatly and you can ask the service provider to look after your cloud server and associated hardware components. Of course, this concern brings lots of hassles that can be reduced by hiring professional dimension data cloud computing service provider. You need not to spend heavily for buying expensive software or hardware equipment; it is one of the biggest advantages offered by cloud hosting services. These specialized services allow the users to access the cloud server and the important cloud applications with the help of highly protective user ID and password.

When it comes to cloud computing cost, it is hard to believe that these services are too reasonable because you need not to pay a package fee; instead you have flexibility to pay depending upon pay-per-click programs. It makes cloud services more affordable that lures most of the technology users to own them. The intervention of cloud hosting applications facilitates you to focus on single business aim targeting main business objectives, rest assured. It supports you to generate more and more business profits, in short span of time.

You can go with any type of computing model: Private or Public or Hybrid cloud computing model, depending upon the requirements, budget and nature of the business. Most of the organizations outsource these services so as to enhance their business performance. Ensure you hire best service provider asking for most efficient cloud hosting solutions and data backup services.

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This article has been written by Alfrid Desouza. He has huge experience of Cloud Computing. This article is about dimension data cloud computing, Which has been one of the best hosting applications required to create online data backup for business organizations. For more information read this novel.

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Benefits of Cloud Computing in Ecommerce

Benefits of Cloud Computing in Ecommerce

By Christa Joe

Introduction of technology has changed the face of business operations and practices for revenue generation. Technology reduces the time of executing processes collectively with greater level of accuracy in a cost efficient manner.

Network technology is a further advancement in the context of business operations which allows the communication between two or more physically separated machines. With improving innovations, this concept was reframed at a new level with cloud computing. This technology strengthens the business with more efficient and adaptive approach for effective communication.

[caption id="attachment_981" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Benefits of Cloud Computing in Ecommerce Benefits of Cloud Computing in Ecommerce[/caption]

Using the improved version of networks i.e. cloud in the retail model of business has resulted into a new branch of commerce called as E-commerce. Cloud computing has proven to be a beneficiary fusion for e-commerce platforms due to the following advantages:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Cloud-based initiatives are more cost-effective for e-commerce retailers since cloud vendors undertake all the installation, translation and maintenance activities for the business. Since a cloud vendor specifically dedicates the activities for a number of clients, the overall cost is distributed among them and hence is more cost-effective for the retailers.

  • Speed of operations: Rolling out an e-commerce platform using cloud platforms is more paced because of already installed IT infrastructure required for hosting the application. It also speeds up the execution time of various modules of the application and is more efficient.

  • Scalability: Cloud computing platforms provide the ease of scaling up or down, the resource utilization and requirement for any platform. This helps to manage the expenditure of hosting and maintaining the platform for the retailers. Moreover, scalability contributes in optimizing the load time of the application with the traffic so cloud service is again more economic for the retailer.

  • Security: With the introduction of various standards drafted by various organizations like ISO for cloud vendors, threats for information loss or network intrusion has been checked effectively. Vendors following the standards are only allowed to provide such service and improved customer knowledge about the concept also contributes to choosing only those vendors which are certified by such organizations.

Resource pooling helps the retailers to form a club with other retailers, on a mutual agreement in order to share the cost of operating and deploying the service and efficiently utilize the service and resources in a more economic fashion.

In case, if a retailer feels that it needs a private space for conducting its operational practice due to the presence of confidential data, Private cloud is the solution which vendors provide to retailers. A private service with dedicated resources is rented to retailers, which they can configure and deploy by themselves with absolute authority. Retailers are allowed to alter the scope of service on their own without any interference of the vendor by intimating the vendor for such changes.

Different types of services are available on cloud, making it easier for the retailer to choose a part of it or a whole package for its use and purpose. They can select some software as a service or they can even choose specific hardware needed for their platform as a service or moreover, they can deploy a hosting platform as a service while keeping different softwares of their own and simply host them on the platform.

Christa Joe is the author of this article. She has been writing articles for various enterprise application development companies like Q3 technologies. Moreover, she has been providing useful content writing material related to web application services.

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Five Ways Your Accounting Software Can Be Enhanced With Cloud Computing

Five Ways Your Accounting Software Can Be Enhanced With Cloud Computing

By Chris A. Harmen

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular for today's forward-thinking businesses for good reason. It's an approach to everything from enhanced CRM to secure accounting and everything in between. One area in which it's quickly gaining a following is in the area of business accounting software solutions. For growing companies and those with multiple locations, it's particularly relevant because it addresses key areas in order to enhance performance and available resources. In fact, there are five critical ways in which it can enhance performance:

[caption id="attachment_973" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Five Ways Your Accounting Software Can Be Enhanced With Cloud Computing[/caption]

1. Cloud Based Accounting Gives Customers Enhanced Access

With a cloud-based platform for customer accounts, it's never been easier for your clients to log in and manage their own account settings, preferences and order histories. They can also lodge a complaint, commend one of your employees or praise a new product quickly and easily. Interactive features mean they can ask questions, get answers and stay plugged in to your company's latest news and events. Interactive customers are more likely to maintain brand loyalty and increase their purchases, so enhancing their access to the customer side of your business solutions and data will give you a positive ROI.

2. Improved Security

You'll no longer have to worry about setting up viable intranet security on your own servers when you set up your accounting software in the cloud. You won't have to be constantly watching out for hackers and you won't have to do damage control if your own servers are compromised or there is a hardware problem that brings your system down. Let your service provider take care of security concerns. Fortunately, cloud computing solutions meet or exceed government security standards and are extremely secure.

3. Better Scalability

Regardless of the current size of your business, your accounting software should be able to grow and adapt to your company's needs. A third party server site allows for virtually unlimited growth without having to cobble together a variety of different packages. A "patchwork quilt" of business solutions added at various times to your core accounting software can lead to compatibility issues, difficult tracking changes or locating the source of problems and a host of other difficulties. When your business financial and bookkeeping solutions are cloud based, they can be seamlessly upgraded using add-ons that are designed to be compatible with your base system, giving you enhanced scalability that isn't limited by size or location.

4. 24/7 Access

Companies relying on their internal website for data and accounting soon realize that they may not have round the clock access to critical information in emergency situations or when working with new clients or customers around the globe. But accounting software located in the cloud can be accessed any time, any day, anywhere for true 24/7 functionality that keeps your business humming even when your home office is closed.

5. Low Cost

Experts in implementing online business solutions agree that the overhead is lower for services based off-site rather than on your own servers. Because everything will reside on servers monitored continually by your business solutions providers, you don't have to have an internal team for trouble-shooting software or hardware issues. You also won't have to buy, upgrade and maintain servers. In fact, most of these systems pay for themselves in just a few years.

When you're shopping for the best business financial software program for your business, be sure you ask about cloud-based solutions for the best return on your investment as well as enhanced customer service and support. You'll soon discover why so many businesses swear by this practical yet powerful data and software solution.

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