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Improved Performances And Revenues With Cloud Computing Services

Improved Performances And Revenues With Cloud Computing Services

Author: Martin Lobo

Stiff competition in the business world has given birth to many challenges and risks that can make your business difficult to survive. Security breaches, data pilferage and manipulation are some common threats that can wreck your smooth operations. Many have suffered fatal consequences as they have not acted promptly and proactively to curb the menace. The rising costs can also slow the growth of your business. Thus you need effective solutions with intelligent capabilities that help enforce stringent security policies comprehensively and deploy processes that help reduce the costs and leverage productivity.

You may have to invest a lot on IT tools that are meant for fulfilling the requirements of your business and this can add to your financial burden. However, in the new age the cloud computing technology provides you with financial relief as it helps in eliminating all wasteful procedures and excessive costs. It accelerates the efficiency of your business by providing consistent, prompt and quality services.

The processes can be easily deployed on the cloud and managed without any issues which reduce the maintenance costs. The technology provides you with consistent monitoring services and real-time reporting capabilities. Thus you get to know about any changes in the market immediately and this helps you to take critical decisions that will bear productive fruits in the long run.

The cloud computing model increases the visibility and provides you with enhanced controls so that you can optimize the processes for more effective results. The solutions are compliant with the green IT standards and help you in saving costs with energy-efficient processes. The cloud computing platform provides you with robust and commendable information security consulting services that are aligned with your business goals and helps improve the security standards of your business. The risks are proficiently managed which helps in controlling any untoward incidents.

You are provided with uninterrupted and secure connectivity with the cloud model. The solution effectively addresses any issues that have the temperament to disrupt the performance of your mission critical applications. The solutions that are recommended and the processes that are deployed are in sync with the ITIL standards which are an assurance of high quality and integrity. The processes are streamlined as hindrances are eliminated with the cloud computing services. There are no confusions or contradictions in the environment which helps in a smooth administration and costs are controlled effectively.

The innovative cloud strategies help in the emancipation of your business and deliver promising returns. You can improve the performance standards of your business and elevate its status.

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Efficient IT Service Management Practices on Cloud Computing

Efficient IT Service Management Practices on The Cloud

Author: Martin Lobo

The latest trend in the IT environment is cloud computing. The employment of advanced technologies to expedite efficiencies and leverage performances has been an expensive decision. The current environment is very competitive and you have to show profound capabilities by increasing productivity without increasing the costs. Now this is a very rough terrain and you will encounter risks and challenges often that can derail your operation. The only way to tame these challenges and make enriching gains is by employing the cloud computing services.

The cloud computing technology helps you deliver services faster and securely helping in meeting the customer expectations and increasing the satisfaction levels. It provides you with prompt and real-time updates thus facilitating you to take critical business decisions. The cloud model deploys strategies that increase the visibility of the processes and grants you improved controls to maximize the revenue earning potentials. It also provides integration capabilities that increase collaboration and optimization of the processes. All the services are delivered on a secure network and wasteful processes are eliminated which helps in curbing the costs.

It is advisable to seek assistance from professionals that offer the cloud computing services as they have the expertise and knowledge to employ best practices that will bear effective results. The professionals help in deploying an automatic and streamlined application hosting and management process that leverages efficiency. The processes can be customized to meet the requirements of your business.

The cloud computing service providers extend complete support with 24/7 server monitoring service without any interruptions. All network latency issues are resolved effectively to ensure consistent connectivity. The processes that are deployed are as per the ITIL standards and you are furnished with comprehensive, integrated and intelligent IT service management operations. The processes are simplified and easy to use which provides you with an enriching experience. The helpdesk service facilitates you to login, create requests, reports incidents, resolve issues, track your request and review the status easily. The cloud provides you with quick responses that saves your time and costs.

The online environment consistently feeds you with information about the latest changes in the market. You have to be alert and ensure that you absorb the relevant information for making modifications in your processes to enjoy better yields. The IT platform must be uncomplicated and flexible so that the people, processes and technology can be merged into a collaborative unit for earning more profits.

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Cloud Computing Service Paving Way For A Greener IT Environment

Cloud Computing Service Paving Way For A Greener IT Environment

Author: Martin Lobo

Technological innovations have given rise to demands from the customers for better and efficient applications available anytime anywhere. For the large business houses it may be possible to meet these ever-changing demands of the customers and invest in world-class infrastructure. However, for the small and medium enterprises, this is a far-fetched dream.

Organizations in their attempt to sustain in the business environment have worked out solutions to face the competitive world. To be well equipped with the latest world-class infrastructure and the best of the software, organizations have collaborated with IT service leaders to draw on their facility of managed servers. However, these service providers with their data centers established at various locations offer application hosting services, which can be available throughout the various offices and end-users across the corporate network.

Further, these data center service providers in their attempt to provide cost effective solutions to their clientele also offer colocation hosting services wherein the clientele can collocate their dedicated and managed servers in the data centres. Such effort on the part of the IT service providers facilitates the green IT movement. By catering for colocating servers or hosting applications on the managed servers, these service providers offer the client organizations with a number of IT support services and paves way for a green IT.

As technology pushes forward with its innovations, the IT service providers are ready to face the world with the cloud computing technology. This is a new concept, which has taken birth in the techno-savvy generation. Cloud computing in the layman's terms is the delivery of computing services with the help of shared resources, software and information provided over the network.

Cloud computing rests on the foundation of shared services, which provides the end-users access to the cloud, based applications stored in centralized servers. Such data center environment exhibits a number of features that prove beneficial for the end-user. This technology empowers the end users by providing the control over the computing resources used by them from the centralized repository. Further, the agility of usage improves with the re-provision of infrastructure by the end-user.

Being location and device independent, reduces the capital expenditure for organization and facilitating more of operational expenditure The leading IT service providers offer their clientele well-designed cloud computing services which is not only scalable, but is also rated for its high performance and increased data security. Besides, these services are highly reliable in case of disaster recovery ensuring business continuity.

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Cloud Computing Providers Ensuring a Threat Free IT Environment

Cloud Computing Providers Ensuring a Threat Free IT Environment

Author: Martin Lobo

The developments in technology have paved way for the business houses to opt for the techno savvy environment. However, this demands enterprises to provide the end-users and customers with world-class computing services. In other words, the business houses need systems, which can be optimized to provide the clientele with an easily accessible customized service in line with the industry benchmarks and business goals.

The advent of technological innovations such as cloud computing has opened avenues for the computing world to meet the challenges of the business environment. Cloud computing providers can deliver data and applications stored on servers in remote locations via the Internet and are accessible to end-users through web browsers. With the data and applications made available from a shared pool of resources the cloud computing service provides the business houses with a flexible and scalable on-demand computing services. Such ventures not only save on the expenditure but also facilitates outsourcing of non-core activities.

Today cloud computing has become the new buzzword for the business world and is driven by the marketing strategies of the corporate world. However, for the layman this is just a large networked environment with capabilities to handle sophisticated and high-end applications, on the professional level the cloud computing providers have found a place among the service providers of virtualisations and utility computing. For the small and medium enterprises in India, the cloud computing have become a boon. The facilities provided by the dedicated servers in India, such as web browsers, mail servers and corporate intranets and dedicated hosting or shared hosting services through state-of-art infrastructure and fast connectivity with 24/7 support are all provided by the cloud computing providers.

Cloud computing uses multiple servers networked digitally in a single platform. Being a secured environment makes it feasible for the client and user organizations to access a wide range of software applications, thus reducing the cost of IT infrastructure while increasing computational resources. The global organizations are put at ease with the cloud computing services providers addressing their burning issues such as data security, privacy, regulatory compliances, and integration with existing systems.

However, the leading service providers offer their clientele three types of cloud computing services enabling cost-effectiveness for all industry types and sectors. The Simplicloud is a cloud platform based on the latest new generation virtualization, which gives the end user the ability to expand one's business into new market segments without worrying on the up gradation of physical hardware. With the best of the line technology, the cloud computing providers offer their clientele a worry free IT environment ensuring nil exposure to threats.

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Cloud Computing Services : The New - Fangled Paradigm in The IT Industry

The New - Fangled Paradigm in The IT Industry - Cloud Computing Services

Author: Swet Nath

Cloud computing definitely changes the way we ponder about technology. Cloud is a computing model proffering web-based software, middleware and computing resources as per demand.

By organizing technology as a service, you give users the access only to the resources they require for an exacting job. This averts you from paying for idle computing resources. Cloud computing can also go further than cost savings by permitting your users to the admission of the newest software and infrastructure offerings to promote business modernization.

It is a technology that utilizes the internet and central remote servers to keep up data and applications. Cloud computing permits customers and businesses to employ applications without installation and access to their personal files at any PC with internet access. This technology allows for much more competent computing by unifying the storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.

A straightforward exemplar of cloud computing is Yahoo email, Gmail, or Hotmail etc. You don't need software or a server to exercise them. All a punter would need is just an internet connection and you can begin transferring emails. The server and email management software is all on the cloud internet and is completely directed by the cloud service provider Yahoo, Google etc. The user gets to utilize the software by them and take pleasure from the benefits. The parallel is, 'If you require milk, would you purchase a cow?' All the users or consumers need, is to get the benefits of using the software or hardware of the computer like sending emails etc. Similarly, just to get this advantage why should a consumer buy software or hardware?

Cloud computing is sectored into three sections, application, storage and connectivity. Each segment dishes up a diverse purpose and proffers different products for businesses and individuals across the globe. Vital statistics have revealed that 91% of senior IT professionals actually are not acquainted with what cloud computing is and two-thirds of senior finance professionals are apparent by the concept, highlighting the young nature of the technology. A recent study found that regimented companies achieved on average a 69% increase in their IT expenditure because cloud computing and only a 10% drop in data center power costs.

With the altering global economy, cloud computing & the benefits of cloud computing have become a palpable technology choice of the enterprises. Besides being seen as Green Computing inventiveness, cloud computing decreases infrastructure expenses by moving from CAPEX to OPEX.

A cloud is a trouble-free, cost effectual method that tenders a supple platform to mature at the right time. It takes the weight of administering the scale of intensification of IT infrastructure off from an ISV. It also takes care of the upgrades and safety.

The companies providing Cloud Computing Services comprehends this transmutation very well and thus recognizes its center of fineness in Cloud computing. It frequently endeavors to construct sturdy cloud applications that facilitate customers to impel competence and react to the market dynamics. It facilitates its customers to voyage from their existing applications to cloud with simplicity and shrink intricacy hugely. Cloud Computing Solutions are proffered by such companies with utmost perfection. Whether your business is ready to incorporate cloud computing SaaS solutions, into operations, put together your own SaaS platform to convey applications or design new-fangled bespoke web services, these companies proffer technology components and proficiency to meet the client's needs.The cloud computing providers put forth their best solutions so that their clientele are totally contended.

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Swet Nath technical writer at B24 e Solutions professionals are expertise in cloud computing, SaaS development & RIA Solutions provider in India. B24 offers Cloud Computing Services, SaaS, IaaS application development, cloud computing applications to manage IT software development environment.

Get Cheap IT Services With Cloud Computing

Get Cheap IT Services With The Help of Cloud Computing

Author: Jeny Kim

The world will always change, no matter what happens around it. But in the last few years, business and technology have taken a favorable turn for each other. They have been advancing at an incredible rate and are becoming more and more flexible for the users. With the introduction of internet marketing, social media and cloud, it has become more beneficial for the IT firms and business enterprises. The introduction of cloud technology has reduced a lot of hassles for both the parties, which are client and vendor. Earlier, the provider needed to install high-end equipments at his end and then install and configure them according to the needs of the client.

These equipments were required to run all the time and needed constant monitoring from the company. In addition, some of the equipments were installed at the client's end as well. This meant more hassles and less comfort. For this part, cloud can be lot beneficial to the clients for providing services without any installation or configuration of high-end and expensive equipments. A company can easily avail these services by paying according to the usage and then offer their services to clients. They will provide you with a login ID and password for secure access and then the services can be easily accessed.

The services through the cloud will be served like a utility, which will be charged according to the usage, just like your water and electricity. This will make the services cheaper and more efficient for the users accessing it. Business organizations will no longer have to install big servers at their end for storing data or getting concerned about its maintenance. With the help of cloud computing, the companies will be able to concentrate on just using the applications for enhancing their work progress, rather than worrying about the technology or support for the same. Thus, keeping everything in the hands of experts and saving on expenses, you will be able to generate higher profits.

This will also increase the trend of outsourcing such type of services and improving the quality as well. The IT firms providing their services to clients sitting at distant locations will be able to meet their standards and attend to their queries in a much more efficient manner. For installing any update to fix an issue, the company will no longer have to reach the client's end. They would just implement the update on the cloud and it will be automatically updated on every system using it. A software development company providing services through the cloud will be the most viable choice.

In addition to all the above advantages, it can also support mobile computing. One can easily access all the services from cloud through their mobile devices. Nowadays, almost every company is providing mobile support for customers who wish to work on-the-go. It can save a lot of expenses and the data stored on these servers is highly secure and constantly monitored for any issues or bugs. Majority of the offshore software development firms are offering services through this platform due to the kind of benefits it offers.

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The writer of this article is associated with SCMS which is a leading software development company. SCMS has been providing cloud computing services to different sectors and is well known for offering offshore software development as well.

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Federal Cloud Computing Deployment Models

Federal Cloud Computing Deployment Models

By Allison B Cotney

Cloud computing is defined to have several deployment models, each of which has specific trade-offs for agencies which are migrating services and operations to cloud based environments. Because of the different characteristics and trade-offs of the various cloud computing deployment models, it is important the agency IT professionals have a clear understanding of their agency's specific needs as well as how the various systems can help them meet these needs. NIST's official definition for cloud computing outlines four cloud deployment models: private, community, public and hybrid. Let's take a look at some of the key differences.

Private cloud. The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for exclusive use by a single organization comprising multiple consumers (e.g., business units). It may be owned, managed, and operated by the organization, a third party, or some combination of them, and it may exist on or off premises

In general, federal agencies and departments opt for private clouds when sensitive or mission-critical information is involved. The private cloud allows for increased security, reliability, performance, and service. Yet, like other types of clouds, it maintains the ability to scale quickly and only pay for what is used when provided by a third party, making it economical as well.

One example of a private cloud deployment model that has been implemented in the federal government relatively recently was implemented by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which allows researchers to access and utilize servers on demand.

Community cloud. The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for exclusive use by a specific community of consumers from organizations that have shared concerns (e.g., mission, security requirements, policy, and compliance considerations). It may be owned, managed, and operated by one or more of the organizations in the community, a third party, or some combination of them, and it may exist on or off premises.

The community cloud deployment model is ideal and optimized for agencies or independent organizations that have shared concerns, and therefore need access to shared and mutual records and other types of stored information.

Examples might include a community dedicated to compliance considerations or a community focused on security requirements policy.

Public cloud. The general public provisions the cloud infrastructure for open use. It may be owned, managed, and operated by a business, academic, or government organization, or some combination of them. It exists on the premises of the cloud provider.

The public cloud deployment model have the unique advantage of being significantly more secure than accessing information via the Internet and tend to cost less than private clouds because services are more commoditized.

Research by the 1105 Government Information Group found that federal agencies interested in public clouds are most commonly interested in the following four functions:


Social Networking



One example of a public cloud deployment model based solution is the Treasury Department, which has moved its website to a public cloud using Amazon's EC2 cloud service to host the site and its applications. The site includes social media attributes, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter which allows for rapid and effective communication with constituents.

Hybrid cloud. The cloud infrastructure is a composition of two or more distinct cloud deployment models (private, community, or public) that remain unique entities, but are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability (e.g., cloud bursting for load balancing between clouds).

Large portions of agencies that have already switched some processes over to cloud based computing solutions have utilized hybrid cloud options. Few enterprises have the ability to switch over all of their IT services at one time, the hybrid option allows for a mix of on base and cloud options which provide an easier transition.

NASA is one example of a federal agency who is utilizing the Hybrid Cloud deployment model. Its Nebula open-source cloud computing project uses a private cloud for research and development as well as a public cloud to shared datasets with external partners and the public.

The hybrid cloud computing deployment model option has also proven to be the choice option for state and local governments as well, with states like Michigan and Colorado having already declared their cloud computing intentions with plans illustrating hybrid cloud deployment models.

For more information about Federal Cloud Computing Challenges, visit this link

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Cloud Computing Holding Breath of IT Industry

Cloud Computing: Holding Breath of IT Industry

Author: Pradeep Jagan

‘Cloud Computing' in simple terms means providing computer related output like a service and not as a utility. This can be attained by software distribution through resources and the information shared by other computers on a network. The services procured from computing through a cloud can vary from data access, data management, storage resources, software applications and other modes of computation. The web browser (ex- Firefox or IE) or a mobile application serves as a platform to deliver services required and pertaining to Cloud Computing. Since, the internet is represented as clouds in computing flowcharts and pictorial representation, the term 'Cloud Computing' has been generated.

In the absence of Cloud Computing

It becomes distressing, when we think our lives without the concept of Cloud Computing. The computer related business applications would have been distributed in a complex way, resulting in a lot of expenditure. Since, every computer related service requests varied use of software and hardware; it becomes a daunting task, to access any applications or services. The need for a well capable administrative team who can install, configure, test the application, run it, provide it, secure it from malwares, update them from time to time will also arise. This directly leads to a lot of money shell out as there is no limitation for applications as they are in huge numbers and must and should be offered limitlessly. So, in such cases only those IT departments, which are maintained with high costs can withstand this era. Small and mid-sized businesses get eliminated and this adds up to the complexity. But thanks to our increasing and innovative technology, that, we all are blessed with cloud computing. One gets out of the pain, to handle the hardware and software as it is a shared utility. The billing of it takes place according to the use, needs and upgrades along with reliability and scalability.

Architecture of Cloud Computing

In today's trends, cloud applications are getting less expensive due to competition and are easy to use. Just go to the browser (mobile or computer) and just make a log in, customize your needs in application and start using them. The best example is the mail services like Google and Yahoo (more popular social networking web portals like facebook and twitter), which can be accessed from any mobile or a computer, provided they are connected via the medium of internet.

As the need for cloud computing is growing day to day, many companies are offering their services through cloud computing. CRM management companies, telecommunications, HR, accounting and so on are making the best from the cloud computing.

Coming to its architecture, there are two sections pertaining to it. One is the face end and the other is the support or fag end. The World Wide Web connects these two sections, where the face end is the computer user or the client and the support end is the 'Cloud'. The face end deals with the client computers and the applications needed to access the computing from a cloud. However, the same interface doesn't imply to all, as services like internet based email programs influence the web browsers like IE and Firefox. Others use a unique application service for their clients through internet.

The support end or the 'Cloud' which has an array of servers, data storage devices, strive hard to provide the needed Computing service from their Cloud. One can get a clear picture, by assuming that each and every video game needs its own application and must be accessible in time, which is the service that is provided perfectly by a cloud.

Lying as an intermediate in between face end and the support end is the central server which is an in-charge to manage the client demands and the traffic, in order to present the service in a hassle free way. This central server works with certain set of protocols and uses software which is termed as a 'Middleware'. The Middleware is responsible for the computer communication in a network. In here comes the concept of server virtualization as the central servers are not always busy and so maintaining them, in zero processing times, is mere waste. With the implementation of server utilization, one can easily cut short this issue.

Now the next big thing to be focused upon is the storage issue, which has to be controlled and maintained by a cloud. Naturally, if the client base grows enormously, the CLOUD data needs to be digitally stored and redundancy factor comes into play. Hence, these all account to the architecture of Cloud Computing.

Creased reasons in support of ‘Cloud Computing' Concept

  • Clients can have the ability to access their desired applications as well as the data from anywhere in the world from a computer connected to the internet.

  • It is the best way to save a lot to a company, by bringing down the investments needed in buying hardware. In order to utilize a service from the fastest computing system, the client need not buy a super fast computer. They can just lease it, through Cloud computing.

  • In circumstances such as buying software for their employees, the companies can stay satisfied on this issue. They can lease the software from a cloud computing company and can just pay according to their needs.

  • 'Cloud Computing' services can be utilized to the foremost, while thinking about digital storage of data. The companies can just lease out the digital storages through 'Clouds' (which offer the data storage services) and can save a lot of office space and money, which can boost their administration records.

  • Some clouds offer IT infrastructure as a metered service and this can help out small companies, which do not have the capacity to hold on a team of IT experts and their needs.

  • In this fast moving world, the need for high end services is growing. For example, scientists need some huge calculations in their jobs, which is only possible by certain computers. Not all organizations housing scientists can handle this and so, Cloud computing services come into this phase and render to the needs.

Storage Requirements can be calculated through Storage Calculator.

Apprehensions about Cloud Computing

When the technology is being used, there will surely be some apprehensions and in 'Cloud Computing' the important concerns are Privacy and Security. Due to these two main reasons, many corporate will be hesitant to utilize the services to the fullest. So, the companies which offer Computing via a Cloud should be readily available, with a solution for it. It benefits, if these Cloud Computing service providers promise to offer security measures as well. In this absence, the service providers will lose their clients and thus will have to go through a live and die situation.

Privacy-Since, cloud computing offers the client the flexibility to log from any location, the data access and applications can be getting into compromising terms. So, if the client's privacy is well protected, with the help of authentication techniques or authorization techniques (like the names, passwords, security questions or the codes) this will make the user access only the available data, relevant to his job and not the others.

Storage and security-Another concern is that, the data storage features, offered by the Cloud Computing vendor. The main concern is that, will the vendor store the data in a secured way, without trickling it to some threats, which can provide huge losses for an organization. If the company follows a definitive law, then this reason will surely give a positive impression to the clients.

Autonomic computing concern-'Cloud Computing' feature can also lessen the growth of IT industry. This can be a concern to the IT industry as less needs for IT services will be hindering the IT laws. Autonomic computing is a self managing computer, where it monitors itself and also offers to prevent or repair problems. If at all Autonomic Computing technique comes it effect in Cloud computing, then it can risk the whole business of maintenance jobs in IT field.

Conversely, when technology is catching up with the digitalized world, they can be some drawbacks in the theory of innovation. Probably, one needs to just wait, for a problem to get overshadowed by its solution. Perhaps, the 'Cloud Computing' term will surely adjust according to the above said statement and will offer the technology to the fullest.

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DNF Security is a leading manufacturer of dependable, mission-critical video surveillance solutions. Each DNF Security video solution is designed to handle the most complex video surveillance and physical security environments. We offer a comprehensive range of video surveillance solutions including intelligent digital or hybrid video management systems, video management engines, mobile surveillance systems, viewing workstations, and scalable IP storage


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Cloud Computing and its Effects on the CAD Industry

Cloud Computing and its Effects on the CAD Industry

Author: Swati

In simple words, Cloud Computing is a reservoir of information/data/software to be stored or accessed by individuals and/or companies any geographical location through any internet enabled electronic devices.

It basically is an external virtual data storage system made available to the companies to obtain the information as per their need and requirement. The service providers set up a large server spaces and lease them out. The companies rent out software applications through the cloud and use it without having to purchase. The client companies pay the software developers/service providers with respect to the tenure.

The leading companies have already started investing in the technology. The demand is on the rise and the software technology developers are capitalising heavily. They are giving their best to reach the users directly to offer them the services through latest technology. They also want to provide services using latest technology to be able to support the users better at less-than-before costs. Cloud computing might become the primary buying channel for users once gains popularity. This will make the competition even more intense.

Letus begin by exploring the general characteristics of cloud computing.

General Characteristics and Benefits of Cloud Computing:

Centralisation of Data: Companies can now store all their data in one location thereby making it easier to share and access.

Enhanced Storage Capacity: Companies can now avail the benefits of increased storage capacity than before.

Ease of Operation: The users need not have to be trained engineers or Technical IT personnel to be able to use this technology effectively. The user interface is simple and as same as the user interface of a computer.

Independence and Mobility:The data can now be accessed from any remote location through any hardware device connected to the internet.

Highly integrated and automated system:The applications or software installed on any of your hardware device are automatically updated without any manual input.

Cost Effective: Necessary infrastructure is provided by the third party and all the data is securely stored off the site. Hence the cost of ownership and operations turns out to be significantly low.

Dependability and Reliability: Anxious moments like Retrieving vital information during desperate times would now be reduced to accessing the computing software through your internet enabled device in a few clicks.

Scalability: Subscribing to a service rather than investing in offers you the flexibility of scaling it up or down depending upon the demand and need of an hour. It is thus highly cost effective as you just subscribe the service. Companies can reduce their expenses paying exactly proportionate to their use of Cloud Computing.

Enhanced Performance: It is a great mechanism to boost up Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing within the company. Three steps process - uploading the heavy files on FTP, mailing the access code and then the download - will now be compressed into one – log into your system and pull it out. This technology will reduce the time constraint faced by the companies.

Security: As mentioned earlier, because Cloud Computing is provided as a service by the Third party companies, they need to ensure that all the necessary security measures are put in place to protect and/or prohibit the access of the sensitive data by the unauthorised people.

Implications of Cloud Computing to the CAD Industry:

Leading Software/Technology Developers can now directly reach the customers through cloud computing. Because of direct selling, the costs of the product will reduce significantly.

Also, for the consumers, they can now easily avail the software whenever required and will have to pay only for the actual time of usage. Basically the software will be provided as SAAS (Software as a Service) which the users can hire and pay as per their usage.

The companies providing Engineering Services will highly benefit from this. Their cost of operation will drastically go down, as they will get to use software as a service when required and pay proportionate to their usage. Thus their profit margins and bottom lines will subsequently go up.

In Conclusion:

Cloud Computing is currently at a nascent stage for the CAD/CAM/CAE & PLM industry and the companies will have to decide how they want to make the most of this.

Companies have to look at Cloud Computing as the next big Technological revolution changing the rules and the platform of business. In country like India, the companies will now have to start exploring and researching on utilizing cloud computing.

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About the Author

This article is authored by Mr. Sachin Choughule, Co-foumder and Director, DesignTech Systems Ltd. With more that 18 years in Software Development heads the Product Development Division at DesignTech Systems .

Currently heading Asclepius – ERP for Hospitals Developed the Engineering Reference for SolidEdge(UGS). Developed JewelQuick an Jewelery design software based on IDEAS and SolidEdge. Developed ISE Part bank for SolidEdge which is the Indian Standard Catalog.

Earlier worked as Value Added Consultant with HCL - Hewlett Packard for providing Training and Services for HP-UX. Worked on several projects involving benchmarking for floating-point performances, NIS implementations and Fine tuning of UNIX. Provided System Administration Consultancy and Training for many large organizations like Infosys, C-DOT, CMRI etc.

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Accounting & Private Cloud Computing For Organizations

Accounting & Private Cloud Computing For Organizations

Author: Hopper Grace

One of the exciting growing styles in cloud computing is that of personal cloud computing and on which all areas cloud computing can be used?. Is cloud computing only for technological innovation solutions companies and service giants? Or can conventional, proven solutions like bookkeeping also advantage from it? Because of its built in benefits, most of the companies are choosing a person cloud to a community one. It changes out that cloud computing is having a higher effect than anyone believed possible. This very well for bookkeeping companies also, who can advantage from the many benefits of cloud computing. But what is a person cloud, and is it really a great idea for businesses?


• Low over head costs: This allows bookkeeping companies to range up in size easily, without having any facilities difficulties.

• No management overheads: Most of the cloud computing services offer professional, round-the-clock management, as well as computerized trouble shooting. That indicates alternatives can be better used on bookkeeping perform and holding out time is decreased.

• Network performance: Up-time and assistance a continual in cloud computing come to be far better than in the on-premise techniques. This implies the business stability goes up and companies can concentrate on their primary actions rather than having to sustain a full-time program.

• Backup and recovery: Companies are better specific and outfitted in providing strong copy and restoration solutions than on location programs. This implies bookkeeping companies no longer have to sustain an IT group, and can also save expenditures on power utilization.

For bookkeeping companies looking to range up but hemmed in so far by facilities and assistance difficulties, cloud computing provides a excellent chance to develop and rely on.

The idea of a person cloud came to exist when companies began sensation the need for higher comfort than they believed community cloud computing offered. This recommended defending the workflows, solutions, as well as information from on purpose or random leaking. Personal cloud computing defines this by providing two alternatives for organized services:

• On-premise private cloud: In this type of assistance style, the solutions and programs are organized within the company. This allows the IT office to perform as a cloud computing company for the company. Protection is improved as information and solutions relax within the company's program, and traffic is administered by the software.

• Virtual private cloud: Another choice of reaching private cloud computing is through virtualization. This engaged developing a exclusive devoted facilities within the community cloud, replicating an on-site private cloud. The program is linked through private relationships.

The benefits of keeping a person cloud and bookkeeping using cloud computing are many. The company can have improved control on the information, which includes the actual physical security as well. This also causes improved comfort. However, this comes at the price of having to sustain an IT group and facilities, which can arrive at its realistic boundaries very soon once solutions start to range up.

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8 Cloud Computing Companies To Watch In 2012

8 Cloud Computing Companies To Watch In 2012

Author: Fleur Adela

Cloud computing now is a bit more popular than ever before before. Over the previous few years, almost all leaders inside development jumped right into cloud computing market. Cloud computing firms that have possible to lead inside 2012 are discussed below.


The technique we look info was completely improved because Google joined the industry. The look giant again improved how we utilize our application software with their Google Software that provide cloud-based e-mail, calendar and documents for small and mid-sized companies to large companies. Google lately revealed Google Music Beta. It is a service that enables you shop the songs online and provides instant access without the need to sync between devices. It was also speculated that Google can be resurrecting their cloud space project, GDrive.


Amazon claims itself Earth's largest selection. I thought this may also be the best cloud computing companies on th

is world. Cloud computing, cloud space space, cloud data bank, content delivery, payment, monitoring are samples of their providers leading inside the market. You will want to examine's AWS when you are seeking an outstanding cloud provider with competitive price.


Apple's answer to cloud computing market is to provide iCloud service to their buyers. Using iCloud, folks will sync a variety of contents including pictures, songs, films, documents etc. to cloud, and open or play it from any Mac, PC, iPhone & iPad. Having countless existing loyal buyers, iCloud usually probably be a huge success. It was documented that Apple tried to acquire popular cloud space company Dropbox for $800 millions, yet their offer was decreased.


Some folks believed cloud computing is the threat to Microsoft. Realizing the changing trend, the OS giant is trying to gain ground among the lead cloud computing companies wit

h Windows Azure. Windows Azure has become certainly popular among their loyal Windows users. provides customer relationship management (CRM) products to enterprise consumers. It is one of the many successful cloud providers offering PaaS.


Dropbox, Inc. provides cloud space to end users. It has a variety of customer customers around diverse fluid and computer OS. Using Dropbox customers, users can shop and distribute files to others through the online. Users may moreover flow sound and movie off their Dropbox accounts to mobile Dropbox customers like Android, iPhone and iPad. Free buyers will appreciate 2GB of complimentary space. They will get up to 8 Gigabytes of complimentary online space by referring others to Dropbox. Paid account begins from $9.99/month for 50 GB. Dropbox moreover has 100 Gigabyte program and large quota membership.


SugarSync is in

ternet space company that offers application to synchronize documents, images in addition to additional media among many computing devices (each Mac & Windows), and actually automatically back them upwards online. SugarSync provides 5 Gigabytes of complimentary online space to each customer. is a content management and online space company. now provides 5 GB to complimentary customer, while the competitor Dropbox has only 2 Gigabytes. However, Dropbox's users will get because much because 8 Gigabytes complimentary of charge must they advocate their friends to sign upwards Dropbox. 500 GB of online space costs $15/month inside while Dropbox usually cost $9.99 for 50 Gigabytes. That is a huge difference. Yet, Dropbox has bigger variety of customer software - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry etc.

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Cost Of Cloud Computing How Simple Is Deleting Virtual Machines

Cost Of Cloud Computing How Simple Is Deleting Virtual Machines

Author: Marry Parker

Today, far more Expense of Cloud Computing are realizing the benefits of cloud precessing due to its flexibility, high end, and also. Fog up computing significantly improves a company's important thing. Along with impair computing discussed computers give you the info, resources, as well as computer software, in order to computers and also other units, supplying users the ability to get or perhaps produce an origin The buyer simply will pay for the quantity of Deleting Virtual Machines assets utilised which usually tremendously reduces expenses. Price of the program does expand to comprehend utilization. As well, Fog up internet hosting is incredibly valuable in times the place where a sudden start regarding readers are common.

Price of Cloud Computing as the fog up facilities will be allowed by simply a lot of websites use these kinds of technology since Systems. A business can manage his or her foriegn host without having to personally preserve and pay for storage area partitions, bandwidth, Deleting Virtual Machines sites, equipment, along with data stores. The particular fog up hosting server company really does all of the perform. Each of the tools you should manage your hosting server can be found via an easy to use instrument cluster of apps and also controlling commercial infrastructure can be fast and easy.

Price of Cloud Computing platform supplies the system to control all the assets on the fog up through the computer's desktop to the internet allows for access everywhere you look it comes with an connection to the internet. As well, Deleting Virtual Machines provides facilities for any digital advancement system, software, storage of data, as well as internet hosting apps. Useful elements of fractional laser treatments consist of overall flexibility, dependability, reduced costs, straightforward accessibility through a web browser, substantial when needed of resources, simple maintenance, increased deployment, along with useful resource consumption. Means on fog up hosting have become substantial and they are contributed in a large assortment of customers.

Expense of Cloud Computing which includes program focused structures has become turning into the option to get businesses that depend greatly on. Deleting Virtual Machines provide corporations numerous advantages. Much more companies of any size are using the cloud because of their efforts in order to contain IT infrastructure fees. Fog up web hosting can be used as a broad range of tasks along with consumers can simply as well as proficiently utilize the support at the reasonably priced rate. This modern technologies is expected to improve sought after within the long term due to the huge benefit to companies.

Price of Cloud Computing is definitely traditionally what is called community administration. Some companies as mentioned incorporate network stability and checking of overall performance, software along with desktop computer supervision. It is the truth is a great away from loading of the service as well as several portion of something for the fog up provider. Deleting Virtual Machines can be firewall program tracking as well as trojan as well as anti- junk e-mail operations. Performance as well as application monitoring are generally crucial aspects of any company management technique. Almost all businesses these days keep track of their own system environment along with how those devices are carrying out. The price of brand new circle store as well as workers making the effort to learn the best way to deploy it is usually expensive. Examine the pricecomposition with current money as well as detailed charges together with latest workers expertise, long-term enterprise ambitions, plus the particular protection aspects of the corporation.

Tariff of Cloud Computing you have an unauthorised support, take into account just what the effects are generally pertaining to acquiring important computer data? Really does the info should be password-protected? So how exactly does foriegn computing combine while using organization Tragedy Restoration Preparing strategy? Can the foriegn supplier use a sound buildings in which guarantees community accessibility to your current application and also Deleting Virtual Machines in the course of failures they've got? Remember the belief that you will see increased traffic traversing your online back links and you might must adjust bandwith configurations or perhaps network design. You will have more potential for your company Info Middle on the other hand and perchance over additional circuits. Ensure, also, that your particular safety is smartly designed from your organization to the foriegn company realizing that the application and services are seen from the desktop computer throughout the world wide web.

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