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Cloud Computing Current Scenario Trends And Key Players

Cloud Computing Current Scenario Trends And Key Players

Author: Ben Turner

Cloud computing is emerging as a major disruptive force for both IT vendors and users as companies globally strive to reduce cost of ownership for IT infrastructure. However the term "cloud computing" means many things and different service layers (Infrastructure, Platform, Software) are deployed across organizations based on customer needs. There is plethora of service providers with expertise in different service layers of the cloud. In addition to the different layers of services in cloud computing there are different technological concepts like Grid computing, Virtual computing, etc. that need to be well understood by IT managers and end users alike before signing up with a service provider. Last but not least there isMobile cloud computing which is gaining tremendous traction thanks to advances in smart phones and tablet devices. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of cloud computing services, market segmentation, technology basics, trends, key players and challenges for cloud deployment in enterprise IT.

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Key topics covered

Cloud computing concepts, service layers, public vs. private clouds, deployment technologies

Segmentation of cloud services

Major vendors across the segments

Details on high performance utility computing (Hadoop, MapReduce)

Analyzes how cloud computing has been growing and predicts how it will impact IT in

Explains how public clouds are converging and becoming more business-centric, and how private and hybrid clouds are emerging.

Explains the current trends and 2011 predictions for IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS.


In this tough economic times companies are striving to reduce costs and focus on core competencies. Many firms are realizing IT costs can be reduced by moving to cloud services offered by multitude of service providers. However organizations, users and providers have yet to figure out how to take advantage of cloud computing's offerings. This report is meant to be a blueprint for senior executives to navigate through the complexities of virtual cloud environment.

Your key questions answered

What the are key services and underlying technologies in cloud computing ?

Who are the major players in each of the cloud segment ?

What are the key trends in cloud computing and how will they change in the next 3-5 years

Should I move to public or private cloud and what are the differences ?

What are some of the key challenges/hurdles for deployment of cloud computing ?

What is high performance cloud computing ?

What are some recommendations for service providers ?

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