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Innovative Cloud Computing Services

Innovative Cloud Computing Services

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As the world is preparing for various advancements in computer technology, Josh Butikofer, Adaptive Computing's Chief Solutions Architect puts forward his views for the development and future of cloud computing for 2012. Some of his predictions include the following:-

● The industry will shift from pilots and POC's to transformational private clouds
● There might be shake outs amidst cloud vendors, especially smaller organizations
● Asia Pacific region would emerge as a successor in cloud implementations
● Cloud bursting will reappear

Along with datacenter activities such as datacenter consolidation and virtualization, the modern day business scenario has led to other computing trends as well. With the added financial pressures that businesses are witnessing, it is expected that there will be true production roll-outs across major financial services organizations in 2012. Between, 2010-11 there were a number of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds executed to experiment with the amount of workload that a data center can migrate.

Transformational clouds are set up to shift the entire data center progressively into cloud. This is going to be one of the most pertinent trends that will emerge in 2012. This is more so the case, as organizations are gradually realizing that the time for evaluation is over. Enterprises thus are going to act fast in order to save million dollars per year.

Therefore, major IT players have been acting upon these trends. With Green IT also being one of the prime concerns of 2012 IT companies specializing in cloud computing services are working hard to develop themselves as a cloud computing partner. Services offered by these enterprises help their customers to adopt Cloud by carrying out assessment services on workloads and transferring them to appropriate Cloud environments, such as Private, Public or Hybrid. The cloud computing services portfolio includes the following:-

● Cloud Strategy Development
● Infrastructure & Workload assessment

● Risk and compliance assessment
● Process-IT service assessment
● Design & System integration of private cloud
● EPaaS (Platform as a Service) & IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Implementation & Migration
● Application migration services
● Multi-vendor ITIL process implementation
● Risk and Compliance control implementation

Monitoring, Management & Support
● Cloud Service Management Platform
● Monitoring and Management
● Service catalog, dashboard, reporting

Leading service providers in cloud computing services has a global partner ecosystem that comprises ISV's, OEM's and Public cloud vendors. These partnerships enable users to realize the best value and return they make in Cloud investments. Furthermore, this partnership also facilitates Hybrid cloud environments for users making the best use of the present investments. At the same time, it offers effortless management of cloud and legacy infrastructure.

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