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Cloud Computing And SaaS Web Apps Deployment

Cloud Computing And SaaS Web Apps Deployment

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SaaS (Software as a Service) had almost met its doom in 2001 but it crawled back into contention due to the need of companies to combat with high-cost IT infrastructure. SaaS was revolutionary when it came in, but the expectations were too huge to be fulfilled. SaaS has now managed to smother other new technologies and has several versions in the form of Infrastructure as a service and Platform as a service. SaaS has considerably regained its stature since the dot com bubble burst and has grown in recent years.

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SaaS web apps started out as point solutions and the first players in the market included UpShot and SalesNet. These solutions provided services related to specific business needs but did not have a huge customer following even though the idea was new and useful. The features were limited and the resources were limited too at their disposal. The competitors who started out offering SaaS solutions offered better features after the dot com bubble while the originators lost their place of importance and eventually vanished into thin air.

Feasibility of cloud computing and SaaS

The feasibility of cloud computing services has always been undetermined since it is difficult to quantify the benefits as well as its utility in any business context. Business requirements have always mentioned the need for low cost but efficient infrastructure but with no solid and structured cloud computing solution in place, it was difficult for businesses to opt for cloud computing. SaaS proved to be an efficient mode of delivery but it is important to know that the IT setup has evolved well over the years and the security measures are better than they were, years before.

Nowadays, there are businesses that are not wary of offshore software testing because of the fantastic setup of offshore service providers. Most are willing to outsource their non-core IT tasks to offshore locations. The cloud has made it possible to save time and money and set up virtual offices to get their tasks done.

Importance of Cloud computing and SaaS web apps

Cloud computing solutions are great for small businesses since they are scalable according to the needs. Additionally, they can even handle the immense workload at cheap monthly prices.

SaaS has grown to several heights and now has become mission-critical too. It has transitioned well from being a unit silo process to a full-fledged enterprise mode of delivery and the SaaS web apps are used for mission-critical purposes related to ERP solutions.

Cloud computing services consumed from external service providers have taken a huge chunk of the total services offered, according to a Gartner report. The cloud market is preferred today by many with the advent of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure capitalizing on the surge of interest in people for cloud computing. Many organizations have expressed their desired to get into cloud computing by allocating a part of their IT budget for the same. Many of them plan to allocate budget for cloud computing in the near future.

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