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Cloud Software Solutions-Future Ready for Retailers

Cloud Software Solutions-Future Ready for Retailers


Retailers are generally on a search for enhancing their competence and minimizing their expenses. They are frequently burdened with ever rising applications with intersecting functions. In case any retailer makes a foray into new market the complexity of the system doubles up. Cloud Computing comes into action in such a scenario. Retailers can actually save huge sums of money if they subscribe to retail solution on cloud. A major chunk of our expenditure related to IT management can be minimized via cloud computing. Cloud computing helps to tackle all such problems encountered by retailers.

[caption id="attachment_845" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Cloud Software Solutions-Future Ready for Retailers Cloud Software Solutions-Future Ready for Retailers[/caption]

Retail solution on cloud delivers a centralized view of business so as to get real-time status of orders, inventory, and profitability by location and product. This is economical for multi-location retailers, franchise operators, as well as regional and national chain stores. Its web-based application makes it easier to link franchises, warehouses, offices, and retail locations without the hassle of VPNs, private networks, and customized telecommunications solutions.

Cloud retail software saves the business time and money, providing both flexibility and mobility, in addition to offering standardization of POS software across your retail network. To guarantee a superior customer experience, many retailers dedicate sufficient POS lanes to cater for their maximum peak demand. Using locally-installed POS software, these lanes lie unused outside peak periods – for most of the year in some cases. POS offers all the rich functionality demanded by retailers, including sales, refunds, daily reports, cash management and warehouse management, and more.

Retail software on cloud has changed the entire trend of retailing. Cloud computing software applications include ERP solution, Warehouse management Solution, Financial management solution, Payroll Solutions, Planning and Forecasting solution, Sales and Manufacturing solutions, etc. The two major cloud applications include ERP, POS. SMEs are majorly using ERP, and POS features of the cloud to realize their targets. Retail software on cloud also provides additional support services such as synchronizing data from different galleries, making sure that there is no power or network outage, provide 24X7 customer care services that offer time bound solutions, making sure that the virus scanners and firewalls are in place, have backup and other contingency plans in place, etc. Some of the side services that are provided under a license include data backup, virus scan, online security checks.

Cloud software solution provides not just the software, but also hardware and Platform-as-a-Service solutions that enable end users to more effectively test, develop, integrate, monitor, manage, analyze and secure cloud infrastructure and cloud applications. Cloud software solution and Platform-as-a- Service providers must be able to move beyond simple use cases and serve the needs of enterprise clients .Its reliability is such that it can deliver 100% availability, security, multi-tenancy and support for integration.

The availability of a uniform software environment through different business domains makes it easy for the employees to cross train on different projects. The business application solutions offered have a standard interface. Learning these applications consumes a lesser time and thus reduces the cost of training.

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