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Scientific Platform-as-a-Service (sPaaS) Enables Cloud Based Scientific Collaboration

Scientific Platform-as-a-Service (sPaaS) Enables Cloud Based Scientific Collaboration

BRANFORD, Conn., March 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Core Informatics, a leading provider of scientific informatics is seeing strong demand for the Platform for Science, the market's only Scientific Platform-as-a-Service (sPaaS).  Released in November 2013, the Platform for Science is the premiere cloud-based solution providing a marketplace of applications for customers engaged in all phases of scientific product innovation and development.

[caption id="attachment_1198" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Scientific Platform-as-a-Service (sPaaS) Enables Cloud Based Scientific Collaboration Scientific Platform-as-a-Service (sPaaS) Enables                                                          Cloud Based Scientific Collaboration[/caption]

Platform for Science provides an ecosystem for scientific collaboration and data management in support of a single laboratory or a virtualized global network of researchers.  The foundation of the marketplace is an integrated suite of Core applications (LIMS, ELN, SDMS) already used by thousands of researchers.  Designed for rapid creation of scientific applications, Platform for Science is a generation beyond traditional applications hosted in the cloud.  The increasing library of apps already includes, Chem ELN, Bio ELN, Compound Registration, Biological Registration, and a collection of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows that provide out-of-the-box support for Illumina and Ion Torrent platforms.

Hosted by infinitely scalable Amazon Web Services, the 100% web based Platform for Science provides powerful RESTful APIs designed to enable clients, partners and application developers to integrate data from existing software applications and instrumentation. Scientific Platform-as-a-Service capabilities enable a truly global collaborative data network to be realized, integrating both internal and external content.

"We selected Core Informatics and the Platform for Science because their applications matched nicely with our laboratory workflow and sample tracking requirements, and we wanted a cloud-based solution that enabled collaboration with our colleagues in other countries and would scale with our business at an affordable price point," said Carrie Carmichael, Laboratory Manager at Cryogenetics, a Norwegian bio-banking company with offices in Woburn, MA.  "Our Platform for Science account was provisioned within days and was easy to learn and highly customizable."

"We have seen the value that cloud-based platforms can deliver in other enterprise software verticals, being a clear example," said Josh Geballe, CEO of Core Informatics. "Our marketplace of applications is focused on meeting the needs of specific laboratory workflows and data management requirements.  Whether built by Core Informatics or one of our Partners in Innovation, Platform for Science provides customers with value and operational efficiencies which were previously only available through large, complex, often painful software implementation projects.  We are thrilled to give our clients a better option."

About Platform for Science

Platform for Science (PFS) leverages Core Informatics' unmatched scientific data management software (Core LIMS, Core ELN & Core SDMS) enabling the premiere Scientific Platform as a Service (sPaaS).  Platform for Science alleviates the cost, complexity and delays associated with developing, installing or maintaining custom or purchased on-premise systems by providing access to: 1) an elastic cloud computing infrastructure running in Amazon Web Services and featuring the Core Foundation architecture, and 2) a marketplace of pre-built informatics applications provided through our partner network.  Platform for Science enables scientific innovation by providing a flexible, cost effective and secure way to collect, store, analyze and share data for any laboratory workflow. For further information visit

About Core Informatics

Core Informatics provides innovative data management software to accelerate scientific discovery. Leveraging our deep scientific domain expertise and the latest advancements in cloud computing, we accelerate progress in research, development, manufacturing, and quality laboratories, enabling our clients to find new cures for diseases, new sources of renewable energy, and innovative industrial and consumer products.  Founded in 2006, Core Informatics supports customers worldwide from its offices in Branford, CT, Cambridge, MA and London, England. For further information

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