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Cloud Computing Australia : Cloud Computing – Australia's Link to IT

Cloud Computing: Australia's Link to IT

Author:Walter Scott

When it comes to powerhouse countries, Australia no doubt ends up at the top. With an impressive economic performance, a manpower base that can push its growth, plus natural resources that can fuel its industries, then one can say that Australia is the land to be. But where does cloud computing comes in? Considering that Australia is already at the top, can something as basic as cloud computing make any difference? Of course. That's because this system is the framework many software services rely on. From website design to online publishing, cloud computing offers a whole new level of productivity for its users.

[caption id="attachment_338" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cloud Computing Australia : Cloud Computing - Australia's Link to IT"]Cloud Computing Australia : Cloud Computing - Australia's Link to IT[/caption]

Let's start with web hosting services. Websites these days are becoming more and more important in the commercial industry, as the convenience of shopping or purchasing goods online is fast becoming the norm for the modern-day Australian shopper. For this reason, many commercial establishments with brick-and-mortar outlets are exploring the possibilities of doing sales through the Internet. Now, setting up a website is an easy task, given the large number of IT firms offering such service. It's so easy that business owners can set up the site on their own, with a little training. How the finished product will look like is up to them, what's important is that the site they design can handle spikes or changes in demand.

This is where cloud computing comes in.

Cloud computing is a network system that allows the use of programs, applications, and other web services without the users needing to know where the physical server is actually located, let alone how it processes the information. One can liken it to an electricity grid where power consumers don't need to know how the electricity was produced in order to use it. The advantage of this set-up is that a hosting provider can rapidly address sudden changes in user demands, as well as adjust their system to meet the needs of their users. It also removes the need to buy multiple programs and applications for their users. All they need is to access the server through the Internet, run the programs, and do their work.

Computing through the cloud provides a hosting provider greater flexibility over their systems, allowing them to adjust according to demands. This flexibility and power can also be extended to firms that offer dedicated hosting, colocation hosting, and even reseller web hosting. These services become possible for web-based and web-augmented business firms because cloud computing is there to make it happen. Despite what pundits are saying about cloud computing, that it is unstable, that security is lax, that the servers may break down, it would still remain as one of the best options for a company making their own websites. The cloud is rapidly-evolving, so the next few years, even months, may produce good results.

In this case, an Australian firm making their own websites might find it to their advantage if they hire the services of a web hosting provider. Not only is this more affordable, since they only pay a small rental fee, they are also able to use the full services of a server, without the need to actually having it in their location and maintaining it. This is much more effective for dealing with customer needs and concerns.

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