Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cloud Computing for End Users and System Administrators

Cloud Computing Australia : Cloud Computing for End Users and System Administrators

By Fateh Kumar Singh

Today in this competing business world cloud computing has its own importance with respect to service delivery, customer benefits and satisfaction, business growth and revenue generation. All who are the end users sometimes find difference between the traditional computing model and cloud computing model. May be they use the old versions of the processes to do the work but now cloud computing has made the way easier because it has integrated many processes.

[caption id="attachment_306" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cloud Computing Australia : Cloud Computing for End Users and System Administrators"]Cloud Computing Australia : Cloud Computing for End Users and System Administrators[/caption]

Cloud computing makes you able to run software programs and access data from anywhere like from any computer and no need to install, download, upgrade and troubleshoot applications on a PC physically. This process is similar to the operations of the managed IT services providers because they also use integrated services and this is the reason why cloud computing has become so popular these days.

There is another aspect of cloud computing for the system administrators, how they use and how it works for them. Anyone can be a system administrator like we can provide admin rights to any person to access install and manage processes for us. There were many issues happened time to time causing a big effect on the business. After the cloud model was introduced it has become safe, fast and easier since the user don't have to install the desktop applications physically, upgrade and apply patches and even reinstall the application when the computer changes.

If you are an IT infrastructure management firm so your first priority should be to improve the efficiency of the bottom line. For this you will cut your costs and increase revenue but the efficiency level should not be disturbed. Here the cloud model does the job for your company. Here the internet also plays a big role because this model of computing depends on it. Cloud computing and the web are interconnected with each other and none of them can survive without each other.

The key constituents of the Cloud computing is omnipresent network access. Its success depends how the end users interact with each other through applications. The cloud is providing the services related to computing over the web to organizations and it has enabled a much dynamic and professional business environment.

For cloud storage data can be stored on multiple servers and they mainly hosted by third parties except hosting them on the dedicated servers. It has many benefits like the customers just have to pay for the storage space they are using. No need to install physical storage instruments on their own premises reducing the hosting costs.

Fateh Kumar Singh as a Business Development Associate of ProVal Technologies (managed IT services provider Company). He is continuously providing updates about technical services like IT infrastructure management and other Managed IT services by his writings.

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