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Cloud Computing Holding Breath of IT Industry

Cloud Computing: Holding Breath of IT Industry

Author: Pradeep Jagan

‘Cloud Computing' in simple terms means providing computer related output like a service and not as a utility. This can be attained by software distribution through resources and the information shared by other computers on a network. The services procured from computing through a cloud can vary from data access, data management, storage resources, software applications and other modes of computation. The web browser (ex- Firefox or IE) or a mobile application serves as a platform to deliver services required and pertaining to Cloud Computing. Since, the internet is represented as clouds in computing flowcharts and pictorial representation, the term 'Cloud Computing' has been generated.

In the absence of Cloud Computing

It becomes distressing, when we think our lives without the concept of Cloud Computing. The computer related business applications would have been distributed in a complex way, resulting in a lot of expenditure. Since, every computer related service requests varied use of software and hardware; it becomes a daunting task, to access any applications or services. The need for a well capable administrative team who can install, configure, test the application, run it, provide it, secure it from malwares, update them from time to time will also arise. This directly leads to a lot of money shell out as there is no limitation for applications as they are in huge numbers and must and should be offered limitlessly. So, in such cases only those IT departments, which are maintained with high costs can withstand this era. Small and mid-sized businesses get eliminated and this adds up to the complexity. But thanks to our increasing and innovative technology, that, we all are blessed with cloud computing. One gets out of the pain, to handle the hardware and software as it is a shared utility. The billing of it takes place according to the use, needs and upgrades along with reliability and scalability.

Architecture of Cloud Computing

In today's trends, cloud applications are getting less expensive due to competition and are easy to use. Just go to the browser (mobile or computer) and just make a log in, customize your needs in application and start using them. The best example is the mail services like Google and Yahoo (more popular social networking web portals like facebook and twitter), which can be accessed from any mobile or a computer, provided they are connected via the medium of internet.

As the need for cloud computing is growing day to day, many companies are offering their services through cloud computing. CRM management companies, telecommunications, HR, accounting and so on are making the best from the cloud computing.

Coming to its architecture, there are two sections pertaining to it. One is the face end and the other is the support or fag end. The World Wide Web connects these two sections, where the face end is the computer user or the client and the support end is the 'Cloud'. The face end deals with the client computers and the applications needed to access the computing from a cloud. However, the same interface doesn't imply to all, as services like internet based email programs influence the web browsers like IE and Firefox. Others use a unique application service for their clients through internet.

The support end or the 'Cloud' which has an array of servers, data storage devices, strive hard to provide the needed Computing service from their Cloud. One can get a clear picture, by assuming that each and every video game needs its own application and must be accessible in time, which is the service that is provided perfectly by a cloud.

Lying as an intermediate in between face end and the support end is the central server which is an in-charge to manage the client demands and the traffic, in order to present the service in a hassle free way. This central server works with certain set of protocols and uses software which is termed as a 'Middleware'. The Middleware is responsible for the computer communication in a network. In here comes the concept of server virtualization as the central servers are not always busy and so maintaining them, in zero processing times, is mere waste. With the implementation of server utilization, one can easily cut short this issue.

Now the next big thing to be focused upon is the storage issue, which has to be controlled and maintained by a cloud. Naturally, if the client base grows enormously, the CLOUD data needs to be digitally stored and redundancy factor comes into play. Hence, these all account to the architecture of Cloud Computing.

Creased reasons in support of ‘Cloud Computing' Concept

  • Clients can have the ability to access their desired applications as well as the data from anywhere in the world from a computer connected to the internet.

  • It is the best way to save a lot to a company, by bringing down the investments needed in buying hardware. In order to utilize a service from the fastest computing system, the client need not buy a super fast computer. They can just lease it, through Cloud computing.

  • In circumstances such as buying software for their employees, the companies can stay satisfied on this issue. They can lease the software from a cloud computing company and can just pay according to their needs.

  • 'Cloud Computing' services can be utilized to the foremost, while thinking about digital storage of data. The companies can just lease out the digital storages through 'Clouds' (which offer the data storage services) and can save a lot of office space and money, which can boost their administration records.

  • Some clouds offer IT infrastructure as a metered service and this can help out small companies, which do not have the capacity to hold on a team of IT experts and their needs.

  • In this fast moving world, the need for high end services is growing. For example, scientists need some huge calculations in their jobs, which is only possible by certain computers. Not all organizations housing scientists can handle this and so, Cloud computing services come into this phase and render to the needs.

Storage Requirements can be calculated through Storage Calculator.

Apprehensions about Cloud Computing

When the technology is being used, there will surely be some apprehensions and in 'Cloud Computing' the important concerns are Privacy and Security. Due to these two main reasons, many corporate will be hesitant to utilize the services to the fullest. So, the companies which offer Computing via a Cloud should be readily available, with a solution for it. It benefits, if these Cloud Computing service providers promise to offer security measures as well. In this absence, the service providers will lose their clients and thus will have to go through a live and die situation.

Privacy-Since, cloud computing offers the client the flexibility to log from any location, the data access and applications can be getting into compromising terms. So, if the client's privacy is well protected, with the help of authentication techniques or authorization techniques (like the names, passwords, security questions or the codes) this will make the user access only the available data, relevant to his job and not the others.

Storage and security-Another concern is that, the data storage features, offered by the Cloud Computing vendor. The main concern is that, will the vendor store the data in a secured way, without trickling it to some threats, which can provide huge losses for an organization. If the company follows a definitive law, then this reason will surely give a positive impression to the clients.

Autonomic computing concern-'Cloud Computing' feature can also lessen the growth of IT industry. This can be a concern to the IT industry as less needs for IT services will be hindering the IT laws. Autonomic computing is a self managing computer, where it monitors itself and also offers to prevent or repair problems. If at all Autonomic Computing technique comes it effect in Cloud computing, then it can risk the whole business of maintenance jobs in IT field.

Conversely, when technology is catching up with the digitalized world, they can be some drawbacks in the theory of innovation. Probably, one needs to just wait, for a problem to get overshadowed by its solution. Perhaps, the 'Cloud Computing' term will surely adjust according to the above said statement and will offer the technology to the fullest.

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