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Harness The Power Of On Demand Cloud Computing To Give Your App The Sizzle To Sell

Harness The Power Of On Demand Cloud Computing To Give Your App The Sizzle To Sell

By Robert J O'Haver

It really doesn't matter what you do, your business most likely falls into one of three distinct categories in today's cloud-based market: You either have a cloud app, you need a cloud app, or you make cloud apps. Regardless of which of the three categories your business falls into, you need a clear and concise edge over your competitors. You simply need that sizzle that they don't have. Let's face it, today's online market is the fiercest it has ever been, and it's just going to get worse in the near future. It's time you learned to harness the power of on demand cloud computing to give your cloud based application the technical advantage it needs to succeed.

[caption id="attachment_710" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Harness The Power Of On Demand Cloud Computing To Give Your App The Sizzle To Sell Harness The Power Of On Demand Cloud Computing To Give Your App The Sizzle To Sell[/caption]

Consider the following five keys to online success today that savvy businesses are using to power their cloud based applications:

1. They Completely Understand The Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is more than just a buzzword to be thrown around at business and development meetings. There's an entire infrastructure with complex routing, business logic, and management and scalability concepts to master. Understanding how cloud services work will give your application the technical edge others do not have.

2. They Cultivate Healthy Partnerships With Cloud Computing Consulting Companies

Success isn't a destination you arrive to on your own. By doing business with cloud computing firms that specialize in a particular niche, you can effortlessly give your application the advantage that the others simply do not have.

3. They Continually Monitor What Other Companies In Cloud Computing Are Doing

Often times market shifts are kicked off by a few select companies adopting a specific technology or shunning another. Knowing who your peers are and what the other cloud computing companies are doing will keep your application current, agile and ready to evolve to the next level.

4. They Constantly Leverage The Power Of The Business Cloud For Themselves

Successful applications are powered by businesses that are using cloud computing services to their fullest benefit. By utilizing online collaboration suites, document sharing, and on demand computing power, the team behind your application can work together in a smarter, more efficient manner, giving your application the social step up it needs.

5. They Confidently Offer Additional Business Cloud Services To Their Customers

You can extend cloud computing for businesses on a segregated private network reserved just for your customer. This facilitates access to troubleshooting, and allows you to easily update, maintain, and manage the service, extending the versatility of your application.

No matter where your business finds itself in today's cloud-based market - either using an app, needing an app, or selling an app - understanding the five key points mentioned above will greatly impact the business life-cycle of your application in a positive manner. Your next steps are fairly simple: familiarize yourself with the list, and begin to implement techniques on a daily basis to out-sizzel your competition!

Robert O'Haver
Internet Marketing Consultant
Riptide Software Inc.
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