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Cloud Computing : Building the Private Cloud

Building the Private Cloud

Author: OnlineTech
A private cloud combines the benefits of cloud computing, flexibility and cost effectiveness, with the security, data integrity, and service level agreements (SLAs) of SAS 70-certified, managed dedicated server environment.

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 Private cloud hosting delivers dedicated servers, storage, and networks, so each client is assured an exclusive framework that offers data integrity and network security. This eliminates the concerns inherent to a public cloud environment, such as other clients' applications running on the same server.

Your company can share applications, storage, and network resources in a secure, dedicated environment that is physically separated from your provider's other client environments. The hardware, SAN, virtualization, and operating systems are configured and managed by the provider to your unique specifications.

Some providers' private cloud offerings utilize VMware as the engine to run its virtualization platform. VMware is the industry leader in virtualization, considered enterprise-grade, and is fourth generation vitualization technology. VMware and private cloud solution together provide the following benefits:

Reduce costs while increasing operational efficiencies - Quickly provision cloud resources for business critical applications as needed, and save your company the cost and inefficiency of additional underutilized hardware purchases, data center builds, and staffing.

Easily add and tune computing resources - Virtualization services allow easy scaling for each private cloud environment. A provider can dynamically add and tune computing resources for our private cloud clients as the demands on their applications grow and change. It eliminates the need for permanent investment when a temporary demand spike can be accommodated by accessing the resource pool.

Use experience to build your customized environments - A provider's experience in multi-server environments, shared data storage, network security, and virtualization mean the operations team is ready to deliver private cloud solutions to meet your specific needs.

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