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Cloud Computing : Languages Supported by Google App Engine

Languages Supported by Google App Engine

Author: Kaushik

As we learn about the basics of writing a application on Google App Engine a critical aspect to understand about the App Engine is its language support. It is critical to understand that being a Cloud environment there are limitations on what the App Engine supports. It is critical to understand the difference between a Hosting Provider like Rackspace which can provide support for any platform, language or environment as against a Cloud Platform like the App Engine which would have limitations in terms of what it supports.

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 Google currently supports the following languages:


  • App Engine runs the Java Web Applications in a Java 6 environment

  • App Engine supports frameworks like Struts 2 and Spring MVC

  • The App Engine will invoke the Servlet class of the application to handle requests

  • The Java application executes in a Sandbox environment

  • While the Application can execute code and store data in the App Engine Data Store, service the web request and prepare responses

  • However the Application cannot write to the filesystem, open a socket or access another host directly, spawn a sub-process or thread or make system calls

  • The supported set of classes are here in the JRE Class Whitelist

  • Download the App Engine Java SDK which includes a development server and includes all the services on the App Engine including the Data Store.

  • If you are using Eclipse download the App Engine plugin for Eclipse


  • App Engine runtime environment uses Python version 2.5.2

  • The python environment includes support for standard python libraries

  • Third party frameworks like Django are supported

  • Since the App Engine provides a sandbox environment the following are not supported, opening a socket, writing to the file system and making system calls

  • Only pure python is supported, extensions written in C are not supported

  • APIs are available for access to the Datastore, Google Accounts and Email services

  • The App Engine Python SDK includes a server applications which provides a complete App Engine environment on your computer.

  • Download the App Engine SDK for Windows

Other JVM Languages (Groovy, Scala, JRuby, Clojure):
All aspects mentioned against Java applies to all the JVM based languages as well.

More details available in the article on the Technology Trends Blog - Languages Supported by Google App Engine

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