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Automation Combined With Cloud Computing Ushers

Automation Combined With Cloud Computing Ushers In The Era Of Paperless Management

Author: Karly Fleming

Any business that aspires to be a dynamic and responsive entity has to focus on augmenting its organizational competencies and capabilities by focusing on these two little words.Of course, achieving maximum productivity is impossible without streamlining business processes. In order to optimize efficiency, companies must operate as effectively as possible for the least amount of time and money.

To achieve this, organizations use various strategies such as strict checks and balances on employee performances. Yet, no matter how many procedures an organization has in place to control productivity, if these procedures are performed manually, optimal efficiency is but a distant dream.

[caption id="attachment_659" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Automation Combined With Cloud Computing Ushers Automation Combined With Cloud Computing Ushers[/caption]

The answer to optimal efficiency at the workplace lies in the implementation of automated processes. With manual processes, there are paper trails left each step of the way. Every single report, inter-office memo, voucher, time card or paystub has to be manually created, authenticated and filed. This puts additional time strain on HR Departments, and causes businesses to lose valuable dollars. Automation, on the other hand, enables organizations to utilize both human and financial resources in such a way that it achieves more in less time, and with comparatively less costs; hence, improved productivity.

Throughout the history of corporate management, innovative ideas have been introduced into the workplace that did not just revolutionize a particular industry, but have impacted the business world as a whole. From the assembly line and automated electronic processes, to the latest phenomenon of cloud-based delivery, progressive moving ideas have forever changed the way things are done at the workplace.

A prime example of this is employee time and attendance management. With manual time and attendance tracking, employees clock-in with paper time cards, or simply record their time on paper time sheets. At the end of each payroll cycle, this data has to be collected, calculated and manually processed, all of which involves a lot of time and paper. Each week, floor supervisors create "paper" work reports based on employee work data, and often spend hours tediously calculating hours by hand. These reports are then manually signed and sent on to payroll for further processing.

In addition to the time required to track and process an employee's work hours, there is an increased chance of human error when things are manually processed which means all work has to be checked and rechecked to ensure accuracy. This takes up even more valuable time and money.

Now ask yourself, if all of the above processes were automated, would they consume the same amount of time or involve the same amount of paper? The answer of course is a big NO. When automated, employees punch in and out using a sophisticated time clock that accurately records and stores their attendance data on cloud-based servers. In addition, innovative time keeping software automatically calculates and processes this work hour data for payroll. Each step is automated which means a lighter workload for HR personnel, and all data is stored electronically which means a lighter paper trail and a more eco-friendly work environment. Automated time keeping software not only reduces the strain on HR and payroll staff, but also on IT staff, floor supervisors, and employees themselves.

Automation in general, when coupled with cloud-based software delivery, eliminates the need of in-house servers, which means less hardware requirements and maintenance needed by IT staff. Plain and simple, cloud-computing solutions not only help organizations go paperless, but also help in achieving efficiency and productivity goals, and improving revenues.

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Karly Fleming is marketing for Time Attendance UK. The uAttend time keeping software redefines how small businesses handle Timekeeping Software. More and more, small businesses are seeking out affordable web-based solutions for business needs. The uAttend system is the first product in the UK time clock category to deliver what small businesses need: low upfront fees, easy-to-use service, and universal access.

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